We are the Computer Association of SIUE

DHS Webinar

4-14-14 DHS

ACM:CAOS was contacted by the Department of Homeland Security to host a webinar at SIUe. A representative will speak about DHS’s Cyberskills Management Support Initiative and the governments side of cyber security. We highly encourage anyone that is available to attend.

Linux 101

4-14-14 Linux 101

This weeks meeting will focus on Linux. See various distributions in action: EB0165 @ 4:30pm

Android Notes Recap


Android presentation slides in your favorite extension! As long as that extension is power point or acrobat. If you missed the meeting or want to follow some of the links from the presentation look no further. Popular ROMs, the Eclipse IDE, libGDX cross platform coding and more. https://www.dropbox.com/s/2zx4vz0wsirf8a0/3-31-14%20Android%20101.pptx https://www.dropbox.com/s/8zbkcsv3pcue982/3-31-14%20Android%20101.pdf