Meeting Minutes

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  1. brricha says:

    C.A.O.S. Meeting 1/18/12

    	Josh Renth 	Brian Richards
    	Jake Byers	Ryan Durham
    	Glen Howard	Kyle Turley
    	Kevin Reisinger	Aaron Rench
    	Aaron Parker
    Open House (Getting Ready)
    	Room Reserved
    	Food Drink
    	Cube of Pepsi/Mt. Dew/Water
    	5-6 Pizzas
    Open House
    	Intro Slide
    	What We are
    	Who We are
    	Week 1 (Feb 1)
    		Word Press
    	Week 2  (Feb 8 )
    		Jail Breaking/Rooting
    	Week 3  (Feb 15)
    		Student Website
    	Week 4  (Feb 22)
  2. bkturley says:

    Open House Jan 25, 2012

    Attendance: Approx 30

    Items Discussed:
    Opened with pizza + drinks for all.
    Passed around attendance sheet. EDIT: Josh has it
    Covered upcoming events with attendees.
    Introduced Dr. Mayer and he spoke about the club.
    Demoed Simon Says Kinect game.
    Demoed Siue engineering Ipad app prototype.
    Opened floor for discussion.

    Proposed future club activities by attendees:
    Android and Iphone apps.
    Design patterns.