CAOS Clothing Group-Buy 2018

posted by Jared Schooley

Posted on August 28, 2018 at 9:53 AM


It's finally happening, were putting together a group-buy for the CAOS t-shirts and hoodies, and as you've hopefully noticed, we also made hats (highly requested). We're going to be selling these as part of a group buy, so you'll fill out the google form, and once we get sufficent numbers I will email out paypal invoice forms to those who filled out the Google form. Those of you who end up paying the form will get your items.

So to break it down, here's the basic instructions:

  1. Fill out the google form.
    • To fill out the form, select the sizes only on the items you're interested in. Then select the quantity. Items for sale will be hats, t-shirts, and hoodies (zip and no zip)
  2. In a month or so once we have received enough orders, we will close the form and send out Paypal invoices to all of those who submitted a google form, users will have a week or two to pay the invoice.
    • Those who do not pay, obviously will not receive items.
  3. Shipping will be handled in person, we will get the clothing made and will likely deliver it to you on campus. If for some reason you cannot meet on campus (you aren't a student) or need items shipped through mail, please make a note of this in the special instructions section of the google form and we will have to work out accommodations
    • If you need an item shipped through mail, you will have to pay postage.

If you've read all the instructions and details and are still interested please fill out the google form below:
CAOS Clothing Group Buy Sign Up Form

Pricing is as follows:

  • Hats - $20
  • T-Shirts - $15
  • Hoodies - $32
  • Full-Zip Hoodies - $41

Lastly, I am sure everyone wants a preview of the designs, they're listed below.

Front of hoodie (left) and t-shirt (right)
Back of hoodie (left) and t-shirt (right)
Design for CAOS hat (embroidered)