Alumni Social & AMA (Ask Me Anything) | News & Gallery

posted by Jared Schooley

Posted on September 12, 2018 at 6:30 PM


CAOS held a AMA (ask me anything) today (09/12/18) with several alumni from SIUE.

The alumni who spoke are as follows:
  • Steve Wilkerson (AT&T)
  • Meg Heisler (AT&T)
  • Morgan Zellers (Asynchrony Labs)
  • Joe Meyers (Astronomical Society of the Pacific)
  • Tanner Burge-Beckley (Astronomical Society of the Pacific)
  • Jacob Hendricks (Centene)
  • Joe Cheatham (Facebook)

Huge thanks to all the alumni who participated!

We'd also like to think everyone who showed up and listened, it was excellent prep for career week.

Below you can find a gallery of all the images taken at the event by Taylor Dowdy