Welcome to the CAOS ICPC home page (for now)!


Introduction: What is this… “ICPC” you speak of?

What is the ACM ICPC you ask? This is the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest and it is one of the most prestigious programming contests in THE WORLD! At the contests you get to meet fellow students who also enjoy programming as much as you do! Through the ICPC competitions, you may also hone your skills and improve them in such a way that you may further not only your academic career but your professional one as well! Also, think of it like a sport… for programming! See their main site for further details: http://icpc.baylor.edu/


Benefits: What’s in it for me? Is this just a waste of time?

1. EXPOSURE to Problems given by Interviewers

2. It looks really GREAT on your Resume

3. You gain EXPERIENCE in Problem Solving Algorithms

4. You learn REAL WORLD experience with a TEAM

5. Most Importantly, IT’S FUN!!


When & Where: So now I’m interested… how can I join/participate?

Our meetings for the Fall ’13 Semester will be held in EB 2029 (otherwise known as the Senior Project Lab) every Thursday from 1-2PM. If you’re interested, come join the fun! If you’re still curious and unsure, or even have a few questions: email CAOSiue@gmail.com


Notes & Stuff -In case you’re wondering where you can find the material covered at practice-

Week 1: Introduction
Week 2: Data Structures
Week 3: Sorting Algorithms