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Official Business / Re: Senior projects, old and n...
Last post by Admin - 2013-11-26T13:20:05-06:00 (Tuesday)
The project sites have just been unarchived.  The front pages that listed the senior projects were not transferred to the drupal system when that switch was made though, so you will have to know the full address of the site that you were looking for (e.g. http://www.cs.siue.edu/projects/senior/2004/3/5/).  All of the senior projects had URL's of the form http://www.cs.siue.edu/projects/senior/<year>/<semester=1|2|3>/<group#>/

Official Business / Senior projects, old and new
Last post by Greg Chabala - 2013-07-10T22:05:34-05:00 (Wednesday)
Greetings to all who still read this forum.

Some time ago, the SIUE Computer Science website maintained a listing of senior projects, with their membership, presentations, and other related artifacts, for both recently completed projects and previous semesters.

Once it was here: http://www.cs.siue.edu/SeniorProjects/

Then it moved to: http://www.cs.siue.edu/projects/senior/

Currently both links are broken. I don't mean to imply that CAOS has any direct relationship to the operation of www.cs.siue.edu, but I thought it might be worth asking here first. Does anyone know if these projects are still available online? And if not, does anyone have contacts with the maintainers of the CS department website, that they might be asked if this resource could be made available again?

I realize it's summer break, but if you're reading this you're likely closer to campus than I am, and may have better luck in finding someone to help.

Greg Chabala
Employment Opportunities / Paid iPhone Game Development I...
Last post by Andrew Garrison - 2012-03-24T14:26:06-05:00 (Saturday)
I'm looking to hire one intern over the summer to help me with some iPhone games. Let me know if you are interested:

Official Business / Re: Death of the Forum
Last post by richbria90 - 2012-01-31T18:14:44-06:00 (Tuesday)
See if this was facebook I would have already like that.  Nicely done Admin
Official Business / Re: Death of the Forum
Last post by Admin - 2012-01-26T16:19:01-06:00 (Thursday)
Official Business / Death of the Forum
Last post by richbria90 - 2012-01-20T01:37:07-06:00 (Friday)
The time has come to kill off these forums. I know some may be upset with this decision but we are here to further technology and this technology is old and possibly dangerous.  See http://caos.cs.siue.edu/forums/index.php/topic,2359.msg12041/topicseen.html#msg12041 for the whole spiel. 

The good news is CAOS hasn't died yet.  A group of our current upper classmen (including myself) have relaunched it this semester.  We are planning on starting it right again.  If you haven't noticed Kyle Turley and I have revamped the blog with some cool features and facebook connectivity.  Please check it out because feedback is appreciated.  http://caos.siue.edu  You will notice the sidebar has a link to a facebook page.  This will be the new home for CAOS communication. Facebook has easy access so people might actually chat back.  I encourage any one who has actually read this to join in on the conversation. 

We will be having an Open House on Wed. January 25.  Anyone that is free stop by and get some free pizza and soda.  Big things are happening and we would like our alumni to be a part of it.  If your too lazy to navigate twice http://www.facebook.com/pages/CAOS-Computer-Association-of-SIUe/355085517836611 is the CAOS facebook page.

Also, we will be archiving the posts and information to reach out to our alumni via email eventually.  However, if you know someone else's email feel free to pass on the information. 

I expect these forums to be left up for approximately 1 month.  After that we will be left with facebook and the blog.  If you have any questions you can email us at CAOSiue@gmail.com.
Employment Opportunities / The Able Few is looking for a ...
Last post by Chris Oliver - 2012-01-11T18:38:57-06:00 (Wednesday)
Hey guys, I graduated last spring and joined the Able Few back in August of 2011. We're growing fast and looking for some new talent with some Rails experience. I have to say, if you like small companies and the startup experience, this is such an awesome job. Here's the details if you're interested:

The Able Few (http://theablefew.com) is looking for a Junior Ruby on Rails Developer to join our team. We specialize in building web applications and software for brands and services large and small. Join a passionate team building cutting edge applications!

Candidates should be in St. Louis or Indianapolis.

Candidates should be able to show proficiencies in:
- Ruby 1.9.2
- Rails 2.3.x and 3.x
- MySQL and Postgres
- Rails Testing Frameworks
- General HTML and CSS
- General Javascript (jQuery)
- ERB Template system
- Advanced Git branching and merging

And to know their way around:
- Apache and Nginx
- CentOS, Ubuntu, and OSX

How to apply:
Send pertinent details to: info@theablefew.com
Official Business / Re: something about forums
Last post by Tangent Orchard - 2011-10-16T13:46:31-05:00 (Sunday)
I would agree with Peter.  The forums were bustling back when they were the first thing anyone in the CS Computer Lab would see upon opening a browser.  I eventually stopped checking the landing page because I knew nothing new was going to be posted anymore.  It would be pretty awesome if we could change things around again.  We get new CS students every year--why not give them a taste of what CAOS is supposed to be?

(On that note, does CAOS even actually do events anymore?  I haven't seen mention of anything at all in well over half a year.)
Official Business / Re: something about forums
Last post by Peter Motyka - 2011-09-28T08:26:53-05:00 (Wednesday)
Not to beat a dead horse here, but I'm going to agree with Grim.  All I see when I go to caos.siue.edu is an old post from March 16, 2011.  The area of the site that sees the most activity should be most prominently featured.  Just my 2 cents, which isn't worth much since I haven't visited this site in quite a long time :)

Employment Opportunities / CS Summer Internship
Last post by Gary Mayer - 2011-04-08T15:51:44-05:00 (Friday)
David Mason and Associates, an engineering firm in downtown St. Louis, is looking to hire a CS major as a summer intern for their IT
department. Their web site is http://www.davidmason.com/

The responsibilities would be assisting in maintaining the desktop computers and server systems.  Our three offices, St. Louis, Dallas
and Chicago, have linked server systems, and our CAD technicians are running dual monitor systems.  All platforms are on Microsoft Windows.

Submit a cover letter and a resume to Mr. Bacchetti at mbacchetti@davidmason.com

Marc Bacchetti, PE, SE
Senior Vice President
David Mason & Associates, Inc.
800 South Vandeventer Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63110
(314) 534-1030  X 3122