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Employment Opportunities / Re: URCA Positions Available (...
Last post by Ross Mead - 2010-12-19T04:32:40-06:00 (Sunday)
The URCA program at SIUE is an incredible and unique opportunity -- many universities don't have such a program!  As a two-time graduate of the program myself, I can say that the experience you gain from a year-long research project will impact the way that you think about and approach problems, and will really provide you with a solid and unique platform to stand upon when applying for graduate school or industry.  In particular, anyone interested in pursuing a higher degree in graduate school should not pass this up.

If you have any questions about the process and would like to talk to someone who has gone through it before, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Good luck!  :-)
Official Business / Re: Meetings
Last post by William Grim - 2010-12-12T03:04:14-06:00 (Sunday)
Well, it's clear that the officers don't want to continue these forums.  That's fine.  What I'd like to see now is some of the forum functionality brought to the main site.  For starters, allowing people to comment on topics posted by the officers on the main site.  Then, eventually, allowing people to post their own topics under a separate section (i.e. forums, like they have now) in which users can comment.  From there, the main site can advance to include more features to make it easier to use, but that's a good start.
Official Business / Re: Meetings
Last post by Tangent Orchard - 2010-12-12T00:01:47-06:00 (Sunday)
I was thinking about attending that one, too, but I had some general questions to ask that I didn't wanna bug anyone in particular with...but there was no forum topic on it.  Is there any way there could be like forum discussion topics to mirror CAOS meetings, perchance?  I know I'd be interested in that.
Official Business / Meetings
Last post by thatguy - 2010-12-04T17:11:08-06:00 (Saturday)
Have there been any meetings recently?  The last thing I see is a game night a month ago.

Official Business / Re: something about forums
Last post by William Grim - 2010-11-21T04:39:22-06:00 (Sunday)
Ha!  I just looked at facebook, and a "Computer Association of SIUE" group already exists.  It's been around since early 2007, has 52 members, 6 posts (I was the second post), and the last post was April 28, 2008.  So, I don't think a facebook group will do anything whatsoever.  I'm still with the idea of making the forums more central and possibly not using SMF.
Official Business / Re: something about forums
Last post by Mark Sands - 2010-11-19T00:32:02-06:00 (Friday)
Quote from: Tony on 2010-11-18T14:38:12-06:00 (Thursday)
I don't think there is any reason you can give that would justify taking it off there. ... Why not put it back and see what happens?

How about a little less pronouns; what do you mean by "it?" Are you talking about having a link to the forums in the cs.siue.edu menu bar? If so, I have no control over that site. I'm not sure who updates it--I'm not even sure there's ever been a link to the forums from that page so I'm pretty sure it hasn't been removed. But good suggestion! I'll look into it.
Official Business / Re: something about forums
Last post by Tony - 2010-11-18T14:38:12-06:00 (Thursday)
I don't see any reason to abandon the forums all together.  This always was and still is a good place for people to post new technology and ask questions.  My thing is this.  When SIUE gets new students that are starting to look into Computer Science, where do you think they go?  They go to http://www.cs.siue.edu/ and check everything out.  How can you not at least have a link to the forums in the menu on the left?  Every site that has a forum puts a link to it in a similar place.  New students will see that, check it out, see people talking and get interested.  It is the only place you can put a link to the forums that will let people know the exist.  I don't think there is any reason you can give that would justify taking it off there. 

P.S. people aren't being "juvenile" by mentioning it.  They don't agree with it and are expressing themselves.  Why not put it back and see what happens?  Really, it hurts nothing.  I see no reason it shouldn't be there.  I was surprised when I decided to post the QT post and didn't see it there. 
Technical Knowledge / Re: QT Designer C++
Last post by Robert Kennedy - 2010-11-17T14:56:07-06:00 (Wednesday)
QT was actually introduced to me by Socratis way back when (maybe 240?).  Personally, I find it to be extremely easy to use.  Aside from GUI features, it also has plenty of other libraries that make things easy.  It implements iterators, has some socket libraries, its own String library, and so on.  Granted my experience with GUI frameworks is limited since most projects I've worked on have been backend functionality, but I think it would be pretty simple to have a few assignments with basic GUI's in QT with C++ during the 200 level courses rather than have students learn Visual Basic just well enough to write some really ugly code. 

I've also read that there is a possible KDE/QT merger that may happen in the next few years, so knowledge of QT might become slightly more marketable as well. 

Technical Knowledge / Re: QT Designer C++
Last post by Phillip Ray II - 2010-11-17T10:40:03-06:00 (Wednesday)
I noticed in my latest install of linux on my laptop I had Qt Designer installed by default.  I have been meaning to play with it, but haven't got around to it yet.  Only being in CS 150 and not doing much in GUI programming on my own, GUI frameworks still confuse me.  I only know basic Tk and GTK with Python/C++.