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News and Commentary / Potential Free Strangeloop Tix...
Last post by Robert Kennedy - 2010-10-08T14:58:30-05:00 (Friday)
Just figured I'd pass this along in case anyone was interested.  Tweet from ~1 hour ago from @Strangeloop_STL


News and Commentary / Re: clang 2.8: Production C++ ...
Last post by Gary Mayer - 2010-10-08T10:13:32-05:00 (Friday)
It surpises me that there is support for Ada.   [suppose I should add   :offtopic: ]

Even while I was still active duty (over eight years now), there was talk of Ada dying on the vine and even DoD shying away from further use.

Apparently, it remains pertinent to someone somewhere. For those of you working in industry, what's the word on the streets about the usage of Ada?   
News and Commentary / clang 2.8: Production C++ Read...
Last post by William Grim - 2010-10-08T09:22:08-05:00 (Friday)
LLVM team has announced clang 2.8 has full support of x98 and x03 standards.  Think I'm going to try and start using it at home now.
News and Commentary / Re: Next Upcoming meeting
Last post by Robert Kennedy - 2010-10-04T10:50:28-05:00 (Monday)
I hope to be there, but it all depends on whether our benevolent chair holds class for Senior Project on Wednesday.  If so, then I'll likely have to miss out. 
News and Commentary / Next Upcoming meeting
Last post by Brent Beer - 2010-10-01T13:42:17-05:00 (Friday)
Hey guys,

Our next meeting as per shown on the blog, is next Wednesday, October 6th in EB room 1012. We're going to be discussing some things happening in October as well as looking to host a weekly meet up for studying/working on class projects together/ peer-to-peer helping.

Look forward to seeing you all there!
News and Commentary / Re: Intro to Android Presentat...
Last post by Doosra - 2010-09-28T22:28:15-05:00 (Tuesday)
Great! Checking their site out now.
News and Commentary / Intro to Android Presentation ...
Last post by Robert Kennedy - 2010-09-28T12:41:31-05:00 (Tuesday)
I just figured I'd pass this message along in case anyone was interested in Android development.  The Gateway Java User's Group (http://www.gatewayjug.org/) is doing an intro to Android programming presentation for this month's group meeting on October 5th.  I've been going to this group's meetings for the past 3 or 4 months, and I've found them to be well planned and presented.  They're also catered and sponsored by various job recruiters.  There's also generally some door prizes as well, but that varies from month to month. 

Of course there is one problem...they meet in Chesterfield.  If you don't mind the drive though, it is a great way to learn some new technologies from some people that have been working in the industry in and around STL.  Anyway, the Groovy meeting starts at 6pm, and is proceeded by the Java User's group at 7.
News and Commentary / Re: Improvements Made To Max F...
Last post by William Grim - 2010-09-27T23:28:32-05:00 (Monday)
That sounds sweet!  I'll be sure to read up on the update.
Robotics / Re: Netduino Plus, Arduino Uno...
Last post by Robert Kennedy - 2010-09-27T22:02:06-05:00 (Monday)
Quote from: Brent Beer on 2010-09-26T19:44:27-05:00 (Sunday)
I'd actually love small projects like this for caos. Encourage students to build things and learn them. Maybe for some month long type of competition?

Thanks for the posts!

I'm not sure how well it would work out with purely SIUE students, but I was really looking forward to going to this (http://coderetreatstl.eventbrite.com/) last weekend until a last minute family emergency kept me home.  Perhaps a one day coding event/competition might garner enough interest to be worthwhile? 
News and Commentary / Re: Improvements Made To Max F...
Last post by Robert Kennedy - 2010-09-27T21:55:45-05:00 (Monday)
I came here to post this.  You beat me to it.  Anyway, sounds like the finer details will be revealed tomorrow.