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Dr. White

Started by Matthew Thomas, 2005-08-30T10:00:03-05:00 (Tuesday)

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Matthew Thomas

As you may or may not know, Dr. White will not be here for the next few weeks. As such, some of his classes were cancelled.

If you could, please take time to sign the get well poster hanging outside of his office. With the amount of effort he pours into his job here, its the least we can do.
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Ross Mead

Good idea.  Assuming all goes well, the hope is that he may return a little after two weeks.  As Matthew said, a get well poster would be the least we could do for him.  I'm sure he'd appreciate your kindness and consideration.  Dr. White, we wish you the best.

On a related noted, Erin Harris is temporarily taking over for Dr. White in the HCI class.  This was an unexpected event, and Erin is working very hard to make sure that she delivers a good class experience.  To students in the class or anyone else in general, she deserves a great deal of respect for all the effort she's put into continuing the class in Dr. White's absence.  Thanx Erin! :-)


This just in! Dr. White, in his ininite stubborness will be returning to us TOMORROW! So if you are going to wish him well via his post it board...today would probably be the day to do it!
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Here's an update.

Dr. White was released from the hospital today.

His first day back will be Thursday to teach Graphics. He will resume teaching the HCI course next week.

He cannot put any weight on his right foot, so he will be in a wheelchair for quite a few weeks.

If you see him wheeling around you might ask if you can help push him wherever he's going.

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Yeah right, if it's the same stubborn Dr. White that I remember, he will refuse to be helped!!

But... maybe he's changed... don't take my word for it.