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Full time or Internship available locally

Started by Jerry, 2005-08-30T12:39:09-05:00 (Tuesday)

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I received this job op yesterday.


Dr. Weinberg,
Our firm has an immediate opening in the Data Processing Department for either an intern or full time employee.
We are looking for an individual who is proficient with Visual Basic and Access,  knowledge of  JAVA is a plus.  Additionally, applicants should have a good working knowledge of networking.
Our firm contracts with 76 Illinois Counties to assist in their tax collection.  We tract and process up to 25,000 tax delinquent properties per year.  We also provide software to Counties to assist in their tax collection efforts.
Please let your students know of this opening.  Thank you for your help.
Joe Meyer
Joseph E. Meyer & Associates
141 St. Andrews Ave.
Edwardsville, IL 62025
618-656-5744 phone
618-656-5094 fax
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