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Macintosh Technician Job Opening

Started by bill corcoran, 2005-09-01T11:28:04-05:00 (Thursday)

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bill corcoran

this would be an awesome place to work.  darn my weak mac-fu and employed status...  for any interested:

Macintosh Technician is responsible for primary desktop support of Macs in a fast-paced, creative atmosphere. Information Technology is a customer service-oriented department, therefore technicians must be able to communicate well with users, providing them with comfort and efficient technical assistance.
Responsibilities include but are not limited to:
ÂÃ,·      Troubleshoot hardware, software, network and peripheral access problems; respond to on-going employee Help Desk needs
ÂÃ,·      Develop a system to automatically install the standard Zipatoni software configuration
ÂÃ,·      Perform front-line tech support for PC computers when needed
ÂÃ,·      Set up projectors for meetings
ÂÃ,·      Create and maintain intradepartmental systems for tracking user information
ÂÃ,·      Design web pages for training end users and providing answers to FAQs relating to Information Technology
ÂÃ,·      Keep up with changes in technology, continuously learning about cool tools and improving your technical skills
ÂÃ,·      Be a team player with rest of InfoTech staff

ÂÃ,·      Bachelor’s Degree in related field of study
ÂÃ,·      2+ years experience supporting Macintosh computers
ÂÃ,·      1+ years experience supporting PC computers
ÂÃ,·      Experience designing web sites
ÂÃ,·      Experience working in a creative environment is a plus

Skills/Desired Traits:
ÂÃ,·      Excellent interpersonal skills
ÂÃ,·      Thorough knowledge of Mac OS 8.6+
ÂÃ,·      Understand Windows and related challenges in a cross-platform environment
ÂÃ,·      Knowledge of MS Office Suite
ÂÃ,·      Ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously
ÂÃ,·      Excellent time management skills
ÂÃ,·      Moderate organizational skills
ÂÃ,·      Ability to think analytically and problem-solve creatively
ÂÃ,·      Ability to work with minimal supervision
ÂÃ,·      Eagerness to learn about new technologies and emerging standards

Michelle Murphy
Talent Scout

p:  314/345-4163
f:  314/345-4280