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Part time internship available locally

Started by Jerry, 2005-09-07T23:09:30-05:00 (Wednesday)

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Dr. White,

Stanley Associates is currently looking for a part-time intern.  He or she
would be part of a small team that is currently developing a Web enabled
database application.  Candidates must be U.S. citizens.  We aren't looking
for a large skillset, but they should be comfortable with object oriented
development.  Knowledge of HTML, JSP, Java, and XML is desired but not
required.  Our hours are flexible, and we are willing to work around a
person's schedule.

I was wondering if you could recommend one of your students.  At the very
least, I hope you will pass this along to any students that might be


Victor Cardona
Junior Programmer
Stanley Associates Inc.
331 Salem Place
Suite 170
Fairview Heights, IL 62208
(618) 624-9360 ext. 3884
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