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Hurricane Katrina reveals more than just destruction…Racial Issues… DiversityAwareness&Appreciation

Started by anguyen, 2005-09-05T23:26:00-05:00 (Monday)

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Just before leaving my home the other day, I stopped to listen to the O'Reily show on the TV in the kitchen.  I stopped to listen because I'd just heard an audience questioned, "Was the evacuation delayed because the whole city of New Orleans is black now?"

For the last several days, I have seen many scenes and video footages of looting in New Orleans, Louisiana.  Compared to the Tsunami disaster in Asia just happened not long ago, I was shocked to see the violence, the chaos, and social disorder in New Orleans.  

This is the United States of America, the number one world superpower.  We are supposedly the number one, who sets the standard for the civilized world.  These looting scenes are the last things I expected to see in a natural disaster on American soil.  These scenes are in stark contrast with the scenes of friendly local people in Asia helping each others and even foreigners or tourist victims when the tsunami struck.  And there were almost instant and coordinated effort from the international community and local governments to help the tsunami victims.  

I am surprised to see that the aid and evacuation are slow to help the hurricane victims in New Orleans.  There seems a lack of leadership to direct and coordinate the help effort and also to keep orders in the devastated city.  Remember how the whole city of New York and the then-major Juliani responded to the 9/11 incident.

More disturbing to me are the looting news video footages I saw on cable TV.  Looting, stealing, robbing, raping, killing of other fellow hurricane victims, tourists, or aid workers.  Coincidently, the footages show dominantly black faces.

Many are quick to point the finger accusing Black of committing the crimes.  Reading from the postings on various internet blog/news forum sites, I am even shocked to see that there is so deep a racial division, misunderstanding, and hatred in our today world in this 21st century.

I can, somehow, understand why they act that way.  Our brains have to deal with an outside world that is so complex.  The brain seems to simplify the overwhelming data received to cut down the work load it has to handle to arrive at conclusions and to reach actions quickly by generalization.  In addition, it seems that it takes just one bad thing to impress people as the general and representative image of people, places, or events, especially in the case of minority people.  Thus, if people see a black person committing crime, they’d like to generalize all black are potentially criminal.  Likewise, if people see some Asian gangsters or punks on the street, they want to think that Asian people are gung-ho.  I am minority myself and I have to constantly remind myself to act appropriately because it takes only one of my misbehaviors to misrepresent my people in eyes of the majority of American people.

Yet we need to remember that the criminal people in those news video footages are just a few boiled members of the whole Black community, most of them happen to remain in the city after the hurricane probably due to lack of their own means to evacuate themselves when the early warnings were issued.   Those criminals are no way the representative of Black people!

Other factor needs to be considered is that we do not know the extent of how much racial bias of the media there is.  It seems to me that a majority group of people usually likes to make fun of or bully the minority groups or people.  There is no surprise if the media were serving the interests of the majority groups. In our today American society, which happens to be white-dominant, is that the case?

Amid this crazy chaos, I saw on the news, today, many people, black and white, drove hundred of miles to New Orleans to donate their own food, clothes, and gasoline to the ones in need.  

In this Information Age, the greatest powerful tool to share knowledge among people is the Internet.   As a tool, and the greatest tool, it could be used for evil intention or good purposes.  If you read the direct quotes below and follow the web links to those web blog/news forums, you could see what I mean!  

I have realized that we have to educate ourselves and others to eliminate the racial problems to its roots.  Our today world is extensively â€Ã...“globalizedâ€Ã,.  We are working hands in hands with the people of the world.  Narrow-mind and racism only encourage the instability and destruction of our world.  Yet education is the simplest, most effective, and ultimate solution to these problems!  Here at SIUE, we could do somethingâ€Ã,¦  How about a SIUE web forum?!   :-)


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Hurricane Katrina: Blaming Bush, Being Pro-Looting and More




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I just spotted Haley Barbour, the governor of Mississippi, on CNN arguing with anchor Miles O'Brien. O'Brien was suggesting that the federal government dropped the ball in terms of preparing for Hurricane Katrina. Barbour kept defending the federal government--that is, the Bush Administration. He seemed to suggest that the hurricane was not that powerful when it first approached land and that there had not been enough time to do more preparation. Of course, Barbour did not note that before becoming governor of Mississippi he was head of the Republican Party and, therefore, not of a disposition to speak critically of an Administration that has gutted FEMA, slashed funding for flood control and sent many National Guard reserves to Iraq. (By one estimate, about one-third of the Louisiana National Guard is in Iraq now.) O'Brien pushed his point about as hard as is permitted on cable television. But he neglected to raise these specifics or to question Barbour about his previous work as a corporate lobbyist who, on behalf of his well-paying clients, fought fiercely against the Kyoto accords. (Recent scientific research suggests that global warming has led to more destructive hurricanes.) And, as I noted previously (click here), Barbour led the GOP when it was waging war on Big Government. Now he's all for it. O'Brien didn't query him on this conversion.
Liberal bloggers have banded together to raise money for the hurricane relief efforts and to help our Red State neighbors. (See the ad at my blog: www.davidcorn.com.) The goal, as the ad says, is to raise $1 million. Please consider clicking on the ad (or going straight to the donation page) and doing what you can. In the meantime, I propose putting off the GOP effort to kill the estate tax for millionaires and to devote a portion of those funds for reconstruction in New Orleans and along the Gulf Coast. I ask my fellow liberal bloggers to join me in this call, and to raise this question: Will Haley Barbour endorse our campaign?
As the New York Times editorializes today, a moment like this shows Bush's weaknesses. He was late to respond (again!) and his rhetoric was hollow (no surprise). Yesterday he declared, "America will be a stronger place for it." Puh-lease. Did he ask his speechwriters for the most empty platitude they could concoct? Then today he proclaimed there would be "zero tolerance" for looters. But if I were stuck in New Orleans, waiting for help from a government that had failed me, and my family was without water, food or clothes, I'd grab what I could from where I could. I'd worry about payment later. Sure, some looters are criminals exploiting the emergency. But many are people trying to survive. Who would watch their kids go hungry rather than break a window at a Winn-Dixie? Not me. Call me pro-looting-when-it's-necessary.
And if you haven't already seen my college chum Will Bunch's piece on why this disaster did not have to be as bad as it has been--due to federal cutbacks in funds for flood control--check it out here. Bunch works for the Philadelphia Daily News, and he mainly reviewed stories from the New Orleans Times-Picayune. Here's an excerpt:
New Orleans had long known it was highly vulnerable to flooding and a direct hit from a hurricane. In fact, the federal government has been working with state and local officials in the region since the late 1960s on major hurricane and flood relief efforts. When flooding from a massive rainstorm in May 1995 killed six people, Congress authorized the Southeast Louisiana Urban Flood Control Project, or SELA.
Over the next 10 years, the Army Corps of Engineers, tasked with carrying out SELA, spent $430 million on shoring up levees and building pumping stations, with $50 million in local aid. But at least $250 million in crucial projects remained, even as hurricane activity in the Atlantic Basin increased dramatically and the levees surrounding New Orleans continued to subside.
Yet after 2003, the flow of federal dollars toward SELA dropped to a trickle. The Corps never tried to hide the fact that the spending pressures of the war in Iraq, as well as homeland security -- coming at the same time as federal tax cuts -- was the reason for the strain. At least nine articles in the Times-Picayune from 2004 and 2005 specifically cite the cost of Iraq as a reason for the lack of hurricane- and flood-control dollars.
Newhouse News Service, in an article posted late Tuesday night at The Times-Picayune Web site, reported: "No one can say they didn't see it coming....Now in the wake of one of the worst storms ever, serious questions are being asked about the lack of preparation."
In early 2004, as the cost of the conflict in Iraq soared, President Bush proposed spending less than 20 percent of what the Corps said was needed for Lake Pontchartrain, according to a Feb. 16, 2004, article, in New Orleans CityBusiness.
On June 8, 2004, Walter Maestri, emergency management chief for Jefferson Parish, Louisiana; told the Times-Picayune: "It appears that the money has been moved in the president's budget to handle homeland security and the war in Iraq, and I suppose that's the price we pay. Nobody locally is happy that the levees can't be finished, and we are doing everything we can to make the case that this is a security issue for us."
Hmmm, a security issue. Flooding? Weather? Global warming? This is far too nuanced a view. I mean, isn't the real threat the terrorists in Iraq who want to destroy America because they hate our freedom (even though they don't seem to mind the freedoms enjoyed by people in, say, Finland)? Hurricane Katrina illuminates bad choices and bad policies. It may have been an act of God. But its devastating impact was also determined by the folly of our leaders.
It also makes me wonder, Can this government deal with one of the nightmare scenarios? A biological weapon? A nuclear detonation? The Bush Administration, according to numerous studies, has not fully funded first responders. Hurricane Katrina shows why this is foolishness.
Enough of a sermon from me. Please give to the relief fund.


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Fighting for truth, justice, and the American way.

-- These comments from rapper Kayne West are just particularly disgusting and inappropriate: "George Bush doesn't care about black people... They're saying black families are looting and white families are just looking for food...They're giving the (army) permission to shoot us."
First of all, let's just clear some things up.
The Bush administration didn't choose the racial make-up of New Orleans, they didn't pick out where the hurricane came to land, and they didn't decide who was going to ignore the order to evacuate. So, if it turns out that mostly black people happened to be in New Orleans when the hurricane hit, the Bush administration had nothing to do with that.
If the city government has failed the people of New Orleans in the midst of this crisis, well, they're Democrats from top to bottom, so again, that has nothing to do with the Bush administration.
As far as federal aid goes, this isn't a fairy tale. Bush doesn't have a magic lamp and he can't wish the National Guard troops onto every corner and bottles of water into every hand. That being said, the federal government is absolutely pouring manpower, equipment, and supplies into the region. Many of them are there now and more are coming.
Last but not least, when it comes to the gangs of thugs out terrorizing people in the street, yeah, they might get shot. But why does Kayne West identify with the black thugs, not with their victims who are almost certainly black as well? Getting the gangs under control isn't just some excuse to harm black people, it's about protecting the citizens remaining in New Orleans, the majority of whom are black.
-- A couple of days ago, Henry Copeland from Blogads contacted me and suggested I help set up a free Blogad for hurricane relief.
Henry had tried to get in touch with the Red Cross, but had no luck. So, I decided to try the fine folks at Mercy Corps. After talking with some of their people, they got me the info for an ad, Henry helped set things up on the back-end, and the rest is history.
This week, Mercy Corps will be getting millions of free page views all across the right side of the blogosphere from blogs like Instapundit, Power Line, Michelle Malkin, & Polipundit, among many other conservative blogs.
As we get ready to head into what will be for many of us a vacation week-end, I'd like to encourage you to chip in some money to Mercy Corps. Not only are they experienced, they actually hand out 92 cents on the dollar and eat up only 8 cents in overhead. There aren't many charities you're going to find that are more efficient at using donations.
Furthermore, it's great if you want to give them a bundle, but every little bit counts. If you want to give Mercy Corps $5, $10, $20, hey, that's fantastic. It may not seem like a lot of money, but if it buys dinner for some poor guy who lost his house in New Orleans, you've done a good thing.
*** Update #1 ***: You can actually see video of Kayne West moronically muttering the quote mentioned above here
Poor Mike Myers is standing beside him and trying to be professional, but ever so often he looks over at Kayne and you gotta believe he's thinking, "How did I get stuck on stage with this idiot?"

Nationalist Forum

Name: PL
From: England
NF member?: Supporter
Link: http://www.jamaica-star.com/thestar/20050902/cleisure/cleisure1.html
Sent: 17:12 GMT on 4 September
Topic: More cultural enrichment
"The dark side of black people
LET ME START by saying that if I had my life to live over a thousand times, the one thing I would not change would be my race. I am proud to be a black man. There are times however, when I wish that certain people and I did not share that trait.
For the past few days, the whole world ... well, at least those who have access to satellite and cable television, have been seeing pictures of the virtually total devastation of the cities of the U.S. Gulf Coast by Hurricane Katrina. An estimated 90 per cent of homes in New Orleans have been destroyed by flood waters and more than 100 people have been confirmed dead.
We see people standing on the roofs of their submerged homes desperate to be rescued, others being airlifted to safety, and we have heard tear-jerking stories of families losing their loved ones. But in all of this, we have also seen the really dark side of black people.
The day after the hurricane passed, there were reports of looting but network reporters had been saying that people were looting out of desperation, in search of food and water. A lot they knew.
The pictures I have been seeing are of people - black people - stealing shoes, diapers, and television sets. Not food and definitely not water. Not unless the armfuls of clothing, shoes, and appliances I see people wading through the streets with count as food and water.
Now, if all the looters were looting out of desperation, how desperate were the guy and girls I saw toting several boxes of size 13 Nikes? How desperate was the fellow with the stack of diapers? What, is it that he has several babies at home suffering from loose bowels? What am I talking about, what home? Everything is under water and what isn't, has been totally destroyed.
Plasma TV?
And just what are those guys stealing the plasma television sets going to be watching when there is no power in the entire city?
Desperation? Yeah, right. I am beginning to believe that black people, no matter where in the world they are, are cursed with a genetic predisposition to steal, murder, and create mayhem.
The entire firearm department at a Wal-Mart department store, for example, was cleaned out and the looters used the stolen weapons to rob people. How low is that? Everybody is suffering and the black people would seek to rob people who are suffering just like themselves.
No white looters?
And it has nothing to do with poverty. Where are the white people in all this? I am sure there are poor white people living in New Orleans, Biloxi and the other towns affected by what has been going on. Is it that the media are not showing pictures of them looting and robbing? Or is it that they are too busy trying to stay alive, waiting to be rescued, and hiding from the blacks.
And you know what? Even if the poor whites were looting and robbing, wouldn't it be nice if the blacks could have made them the only ones doing it
Just once, I would like for us blacks to take the high road in situations like this, where instead of showing our darkest side, we put our best foot forward. But I guess that would be too much to ask, too much of a case of wishful thinking. R&R

Name: CDE
From: London
NF member?: Supporter
Link: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/tm_objectid=15922236%26method=full%26siteid=94762%26headline=exclusive%2d%2dbrits
Sent: 12:43 GMT on 2 September
Topic: Negroes Looting in New Orleans
BLACKS having a party !!!!!!!!!!!!!
I heard reports on BBC radio this morning that white British tourists are rumoured to have been attacked and raped by marauding black gangs.
Also reports that many nurses in New Orleans hospitals have been gang-raped and then murdered. Apparently a helicopter tried to land on the roof helipad of one hospital to save the terrified staff only to be shot at by black gunmen.
This report is in todays Daily Mirror :
TERRIFIED British students tell of dead bodies, rape, crack, gunshots, filth and a sickening stench filling the thick air.
From Ryan Parry, Us Correspondent, Inside The New Orleans Superdome
BRITISH students told yesterday how they stepped out of the horror of Hurricane Katrina into the hell of their Superdome "shelter".
A place of refuge became a terrifying trap, where knives and guns, crack cocaine use, threats of violence and racial abuse were rife.
Jamie Trout, 22, who kept a record of his four days there, said: "It was like something out of Lord of the Flies - one minute everything is calm and civil, the next it descends into chaos."
In one diary entry, he said: "A man has been arrested for raping a seven-year-old in the toilet, this place is hell, I feel sick. The smell is horrendous, there are toilets overflowing and people everywhere."
As the evacuation of the 70,000- capacity arena continued yesterday, the swamped city of New Orleans descended into near barbarism.
The looting and carjacking of recent days showed no sign of slowing. Gunfire was aimed at police and helicopters attempting to ferry the sick from hospitals, accompanied by shouts of: "You better come get my family."
Ten thousand National Guardsmen were sent in from across the US to the flood-ravaged Gulf coast.
At least seven bodies lay unclaimed in the streets around the New Orleans Convention Centre - one a woman in a wheelchair covered by a blanket.
Daniel Edwards, 47, pointed at her and said: "I don't treat my dog like that...I buried my dog."
Amid criticism of government inaction, he added: "You can do everything for other countries but you can't do nothing for your own people.
"You can go overseas with the military but you can't get them down here."
Thousands of storm refugees massed outside the convention building, waiting for buses that never came. They had no food, water or medicines.
The Rev Issac Clark, 68, said: "We are out here like pure animals. We don't have help."
In what may be America's worst natural disaster for a century, 80 per cent of a city of 500,000 people was under water up to 20ft deep. Thousands could be dead.
At the Superdome, at least 25,000 people were moved out yesterday as New Orleans Mayor Nagin vowed: "Come hell or high water we will evacuate people today, I'll march them out if I have to." Soldiers with M16 assault rifles and grenade launchers tried to control crowds desperate to get out.
At least one person died in the arms of a soldier. A National Guardsman was wounded in the leg by his own gun in a struggle with two men and a military helicopter was shot at while ferrying away a casualty.
Brit diary-writer Jamie had been coaching football to disabled children as part of the Camp America scheme.
Jamie, who was with two friends, said: "We were in Miami for three or four days when Katrina first hit.
"We rode that storm out and then decided to go to New Orleans. We didn't realise the storm was heading that way."
He said of his eventual Superdome refuge: "There was a lot of heat from the people in there, people shouting racial abuse about us being white.
"The army warned us to keep our bags close to us and to grip them tight."
Jamie, an economics student from Sunderland, said he saw crack cocaine being used in the filthy toilets, youngsters breaking into soft drink machines and men brawling. Urine and excrement spilled into corridors where they were sleeping.
At one point, up to 30 British students gathered in the dome were so terrified of attack when the power went down that they set up a makeshift security cordon.
Zoe Smith, 21, from Hull, said: "All us girls sat in the middle while the boys sat on the outside, with chairs as protection.
"We were absolutely terrified, the situation had descended into chaos, people were very hostile and the living conditions were horrendous.
"We had to wash with tiny bottles of water, the sink was blocked and full of gunk. Even when we offered to help with the cleaning, the locals gave us abuse."
Some students said they saw an 18-inch knife confiscated from one man and many others had guns and other weapons.
Marisa Haigh, 23, from Guildford, who is studying at Birmingham University, and Claire Watkins, 23, a student from Bradford, had arrived in New Orleans last Saturday after a trip across the US.
Claire said: "We went out drinking on Saturday night and had an awesome time.
"On Sunday we had hangovers and hadn't heard or read anything about the hurricane coming in. We only realised there was something wrong when we went out in the street and no one was around, everywhere was shut or boarded up."
They were in the Superdome when Katrina hit. Marisa said: "There was a series of almighty bangs when the roof went and a panel flew off.
"There was a woman screaming, 'We're gonna die, we're all gonna die'."
Eventually many of the students were moved to the nearby basketball arena, thanks to Sgt Garland Ogden, a full-timer with the National Guard.
Jane Wheeldon, 20, said: "He went against a lot of rules to get us moved."
Yesterday Texas was ready to house 50,000 flood refugees - 25,000 of them in the Houston Astrodome, 350 miles away. The rest will go to San Antonio.
Rescue in some areas was suspended as looters ran amok.
Coast Guard Lt Cmdr Cheri Ben-Iesan said at emergency HQ: "Hospitals are trying to evacuate. At every one of them, there are reports that as the helicopters come in people are shooting at them, telling them, 'You better come get my family'. City leader Mitch Landrieu toured stricken areas and was besieged by rescued people begging him to pass information to their families.
His pocket was full of scraps of paper on which he had scribbled down their phone numbers.
He contacted a woman whose father had been saved and told her: "Your daddy's alive, and he said to tell you he loves you."
Landrieu added: "She just started crying. She said, 'I thought he was dead'."
In Britain, worried relatives of the Superdome students were told by the Mirror their loved ones were safe.
From details given to our reporters at the scene, we passed on messages to families nationwide.
Zoe Smith's mother Sharon said in Hull: "That's brilliant. It's been horrendous not knowing what on earth has happened to her. I have barely slept."
Fine art publisher Janet Murray, 55, from Frome, Somerset, whose daughter Hannah was stranded, said: "I had not heard anything, thanks so much for letting me know."
The British students...............

Name: SouthWestSupporter
From: The United Kingdom of Great Britain(BRISTOL)
NF member?: Supporter
Sent: 16:10 GMT on 4 September
Topic: More news R&R
The American media is as tightly controlled as its UK counterpart but the sheer number of local newspapers makes it difficult for the official censors to keep a lid of every aspect of the news in all outlets and the horrors of the aftermath of the worst storm to hit the Gulf Coast are trickling through.
In the wake of hurricane Katrina the city of New Orleans is taking on the appearance of an African civil war zone. Armed gangs have been rampaging on the flooded streets, engaging in murder, rape and looting and only the arrival of the National Guard has contained the situation.
What the UK papers have not been reporting is the ethnic angle on the violence. Before the evacuation, the city’s population was about 67% African American. When the authorities warned the inhabitants of the impending storm, it was the white population and the wealthier African-Americans who heeded the call and headed as far inland as they could go, leaving behind about 25% of city’s population, almost exclusively the poorer blacks.
Ethnic violence
Until the National Guard started patrolling the streets 48hrs ago, an orgy of violence and looting took place. Terrified Britons caught up in the storm have told of the barbarism which occured in the New Orleans Superbowl before yesterday’s evacuation of the stadium. The 25,000 inhabitants and tourists who took refuge in the stadium had been subjected to threats of violence and brandishing of weapons by angry gangs of African American males. One seven year old girl was horrifically raped in the toilets and crack cocaine was being used openly. White refugees were racially abused by the gangs.
A group of young British travellers who had been working on a Camp America in Florida and ended up in New Orleans told how they were so terrified of attack when the power went down that they set up a makeshift security cordon.
Terrified Britons
Zoe Smith, 21, from Hull, said: "All us girls sat in the middle while the boys sat on the outside, with chairs as protection.
"We were absolutely terrified; the situation had descended into chaos, people were very hostile and the living conditions were horrendous.â€Ã,
Across the city, hospitals have been looted and rescue teams fired at by armed gangs. Several National Guardsmen have been injured after being fired upon. Ambulance crews have refused to enter some areas because of earlier incidents where the vehicles were tipped over on their sides and the paramedics attacked.
Cops on looting spree
According to the local newspaper even African American police officers joined in the looting free for all. The New Orleans Times Picayune reported that some officers joined in the looting spree at a Wal-Mart store on the city’s Tchoupitoulas Street carting away computers, television sets and electrical appliances. A crowd in the electronics section said one officer broke the glass DVD case so people wouldn't cut themselves. "The police got all the best stuff. They're crookeder than us," one man said.
This is a prime example of what happens when the civil and social order created and maintained by a white political, technological and social elite is overwhelmed by a black majority. In the southern states in particular there are scores of pernicious organisations staffed with white liberals that play on the worst fears of the African Americans and help condition them to loathe all things white and European.
Anti-white propaganda
The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, the National Urban League, the Congress on Racial Equality, the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, the Southern Poverty Law Center, the Children's Defense Fund each produce an endless stream of anti-white, anti-European propaganda.
It was, so they constantly relate, the whites who enslaved the Africans and took them over to the southern states, it was the whites who kept them in chains working on the cotton plantations. It was the whites who, even after emancipation, kept the blacks from achieving. It was the whites that introduced a form of apartheid with blacks forced into the poor areas of the towns. It was the whites who kept the blacks from going to the good schools and it was the whites who are the wicked racists.
The African Americans who looted stores and stole drugs from hospital pharmacies, those who are firing at mostly white European National Guardsmen are doing so because they consider the breakdown in authority as an opportunity to hit back at those they are told oppress them and stop them from achieving their full potential. The endless anti-white propaganda has been a vital factor responsible for their behaviour, although our tightly controlled newspapers are unlikely to make that connection.
A behemoth needing a quick and painless death
In a measure which demonstrates breath taking arrogance and contempt, the unelected European Commissioner for Justice is demanding that immigrants to Britain swear allegiance, not the Queen but to the European Union.
The Italian representative on the Commission, Franco Frattini has proposed an â€Ã...“oath of faithfulnessâ€Ã, which would be taken by all legal migrants to the UK which he says will show their full respect for European laws.
Not only does Snr. Frattini have little support within the Commission itself he has no democratic mandate to introduce such a measure. The European Commission is the unelected body of 25, one from each member state, appointed by their respective governments, including the UK’s own sleaze queen, New Labour appointee Peter Mandelson. It role is to determine policy which is then passed on to the European Parliament, which is little more than a rubber stamping chamber.
Oath taking ceremonies by migrants straight off the plane are nothing more than ridiculous stunts, introduced by former Home Secretary David Blunkett to try and persuade tabloid readers that the migrants are instantly British and care for the country they have chosen to make their new home. Only a complete gump would be taken in by the preposterous spectacle of Mr. Khan from Pakistan or Mr. Hussein from Iraq, trying to read an oath when their only knowledge of English amounts to â€Ã...“asylum pleaseâ€Ã, and â€Ã...“where are my benefitsâ€Ã,. It is a humiliating act for the migrants themselves and a farce designed by New Labour to make the voters believe that all newcomers are instantly British.
Snr. Frattini’s proposal merely emphasises the folly of such stunts. The EU is an artificial entity, it has no common history, common language or tradition. It is rampant with sleaze, fraud and corruption and fails the member states in areas such as trade, environment, social justice and employment. It is a Frankenstein creation of Marxist free traders which needs a quick and painless death with its current powers being returned to national democratically elected governments. How anyone can be expected to pledge allegiance to such a creation is something only the likes of Snr. Frattini will ever comprehend. R&R

The passing scene and what it's about viewed from the traditionalist politically incorrect Right.

ÂÃ,« Katrina: a typical Third-World event | Main | New Orleans' evacuation document ÂÃ,»

The New Orleans disaster, says a reader, shows that the racially realist Chinese and Japanese will outstrip us:
Engineering is a manifestation of science and technology developed through western civilization and history. This same tradition that the black culture never developed internally and has come to despise. The chaos and lack of planning in one of America’s blackest cities is not an accident. New Orleans has always been devoted to black arts and dark superstition. A healthy dose of western civilization would have averted this debacle.
Instead we reward a backward black culture with political positions. I have no doubt that in the coming century the Chinese and Japanese will annihilate us economically on the world stage because their kids are majoring in hard work, planning, science, and all of the manufacturing skills that go into making society an organized bulwark against the quirks and accidents of nature. How can the Japanese build huge office towers on water in a bay and not suffer â€Ã...“natural disastersâ€Ã,? Because they have adopted the western tradition of law, order, planning, organization, forethought and intelligence. On the other hand, we in the US have elevated to the top all of the uncivilized elements of black culture and continue to push that agenda forward through the ruse of â€Ã...“civil rightsâ€Ã,. We have and will pay a steep price for turning away from our own traditions (while handing them over to other countries eager to use them effectively).

Posted by Lawrence Auster at September 05, 2005 12:45 AM | Comment | Send

Name: Anthony
From: USA
NF member?: Supporter
Sent: 4:05 GMT on 3 September
Topic: Negroes Looting in New Orleans
Welcome to the brave new world of the non-white planet of the apes.
Name: Big Gun
From: UK, Europe. Not Asia, not Africa.
Link: http://www.citizenslobby.com/
Sent: 5:03 GMT on 3 September
Topic: Negroes Looting in New Orleans
"Poor and black people have been affected the most".
..that's how the world is supposed to see this situation. Yeah, right..
So it's obvious..colour is the issue; colour is driving the media focus, instead of the facts. These people - of all colours - were living in a huge area which was actually below sea level and therefore considered high risk. Hence it isn't a racist hurricane or those evil white men who are responsible but a fast-growing, angry demographic which is both creating and perpetuating the problem.
The 5 Live presenter went on to try and justify the lawlessness (!), inferring that the justification for the violence was an anger with the US government for "letting people down". However, the presenter in question was cut a little short when the guy at the other end of the line (in the US), claimed the violence was over nothing more than turf wars. Gangs and drugs.
I'm sick of hearing the buck being passed here.
Fact is, the US government lets 8,000 + people a day, a DAY, enter the US across the Mexican border illegally. Resources aren't just swamped..the authorities had lost control before that hurricane, only you weren't allowed to see it at the ground level. Gangs now control neighbourhoods, and those who get in their way don't usually live to regret it.
I have witnessed firsthand, the reality of the multicultural dream and it is nothing more than a hellish nightmare. America doesn't need this dream and is now paying the price for apologising for something that never existed in the first place. This whole hurricane incident is nothing more than the media witch-hunt. The wolf jumps the sheep enclosure..
America does not need to accommodate so many illegal migrants, particularly from Asia, Africa and South America. There are trained, skilled and willing people in Europe who are as I type, being refused entry because of their ancestry..now ask yourself this: who is actually more productive? Who assimilates? Who doesn't spread legs when welfare cheques are offered? Who creates sustainable development and not ÂÃ,£50m mosques, sustainable birth rates, minimal impact on the local environment? Linear crime rates (as in California before that state was lost)?
It is not and never was, the influx now raging on the streets of the Deep South. Don't give them the credit or the limelight for they deserve nothing but a cell.
We build society and they destroy it. Yet we are often referred to as trash by the left, by those who choose to invent enemies. Well, when the white has all but vanished from the American flag - replaced with a somewhat bloody streak, those left in the US won't stay for long. Who will run the country then, avoiding a descent into chaos?
Multiculturalism within the context of uncontrolled, illegal migration can kill you. Katrina has shown us that all the money, all the will, the oil, all the talk in the world..counts for nothing when society breaks down in such a manner as we have witnessed.
We are being outnumbered by a society bereft of self-control, of logic, of understanding. An utterly selfish and incompetent society incapable of carrying us forward. Americans themselves have questioned whether or not they actually want this kind of "global" society right on their own doorstep and like us, they now have no choice. We have a lot in common with those people.
Forget Iraq..it is now statistically the young, violent and 'resentfully' racist who are raping, killing in the most sickening manner, every single day in every single state. Iraq is but Disneyland compared to the scale of this problem and in being denied the right to express even opinions, the white race is going backwards not forwards, slipping into relentless denial whilst all around us the walls close in and it turns on itself.
Well, it's time we force the truth instead of facing it in isolation, time to face the future with a smile instead of constantly looking back. Time to stop blaming ourselves for the selfish greed that is not of our making..


Name: Scott Benson
From: Japan/England
NF member?: Opposition
Sent: 00:56 GMT on 4 September
Topic: Negroes Looting in New Orleans
I despair over the racists and the comments made on this website and others like it.
For some of you the reasons are that you lack the intelligence to have any real opinions and are basically just braindead people who have no role in life and would be better off used as spare parts in case other decent humans needed your body organs
For others of you who have been brainwashed by parents or had some traumatic experience to cause you to think in this way I ask you to seek healing and then join the rest of mankind in making this world a better place by admitting you have some compassion toward others rather than pretending to be all macho to impress your friends..
I think the best treatment would be to be sent to some of the home countries of the people you persecute such as an African or Indian country and have to survive amongst the very people you hate
To prove that you are not entirely stupid - how about you spend some time with the people you hate and actually leave your country and experience a little of the world instead of remaining in your cosy environment with no knowledge of anyone elses culture, then at least your hatred would be well informed? Most racists I have come across have never left their homeland and their racism is a result of comeplete ignorance and fear of the unknown.
And to the racists on here who think your country should be kept pure, you are even more stupid. No one owns their country, nobody owns any piece of land they are standing on, it is all of ours. Britain for example has been invaded and re-invaded many times, its a mish mash of many civilisations, theres nothing pure about it. I welcome anyone to come and share in my country - as long as you dont come here to sponge off benefits without giving something back and as long as you dont come to preach hatred and violence against our country
Some of you racists just need to find a hobby!
To any Africans, Indians, or any ethnic minorities in another land reading this site I would like to apologise on behalf of the narrow minded racists on this site and let you know that they are hated, immature, badly educated and little travelled members of our society who probably need our help. I would encourage you to rise up, kidnap and imprison them and try educate them before releasing them back into society
Best wishes
Admin. Note: Hello Scott, Thanks for your entry. Have you ever heard of visiting another country, enjoying their culture and their way of life and then not trying to interfere with something that is unique to that nation.
We will not allow "guests" to change our way of life; the NF is the true Defender of everything British.
Stand aside or fall with the rest Scott, if you like their way of life so much you know what to do.

Hurricane Katrina Uproots Thousands of Vietnamese Immigrants From Their New Homes in New Orleans
Associated Press Writer
(AP) 03:56:05 PM (ET), Monday, September 5, 2005 (HOUSTON)

Peter Motyka

Quoteanguyen wrote:


FYI, attempting to visit the above link was caught by an enterprise content filter as being a website in the catagory of "racism and hate".  Should CAOS officers consider removing this link as it only provides press for an extremist platform?
SIUE CS Alumni 2002
Grad Student, Regis University
Senior Engineer, Ping Identity


hi pmotyko,

I'd like to note one thing here before things could be misunderstood and carried further: I'm no way an extremist or racist.  I'm myself a minority and have experienced racial discrimation personally. Yet I think we should confront the racist or extremist in democratic and open debates instead of eliminating their opinions entirely in our democratic debates.

If the extremist or racist has the chance to debate with the general public, the more they are participating in those debates, the more their eyes are open to the whole new world that their narrow mind has blocked them to see before.  They could see then that their thoughts and actions are wrong!

The more we isolated them, the more they'd grow in their own cults and idealogy.  By giving them a chance to debate with us, we could educate and turn them to appreciate and respect the racial and cultural differences of the many people in the world.  This is a win-win situation that does good to our society and the entire world.

To sum up, the best way to solve a problem is to confront it, not to avoid it!

And we could use the web (e.g. web forum) to fight it!



Peter Motyka

I guess I see your point...  However, I simply saw a link with a few pictures that were taken completely out of context.  Perhaps if the post were accompanied with a statement regarding the nature of the site, rather than allowing us to be tossed into a web of offensive hate content.

I firmly believe in freedom of speech, however, freedom of speech should be denied when abused to poison society with lies, hate, and ignorance.  I cast my vote to have the aforementioned site taken offline via DDoS.
SIUE CS Alumni 2002
Grad Student, Regis University
Senior Engineer, Ping Identity


I firmly believe in freedom of speech, however, freedom of speech should be denied when abused to poison society with lies, hate, and ignorance. I cast my vote to have the aforementioned site taken offline via DDoS.

I guess we are all AGREEING on the point that racial discrimination and prejudice are WRONG and they are wrong to fill themselves with hate, lies, and ignorance or trying to poison us.  BUT we are DIFFERENT in how to execute the right of freedom of speech.  If one could not say what he/she wants, is it still FREEDOM of Speech?

America is founded on the idea of freedom and democracy.  If they are SAYING or THINKING things wrong, it is our jobs to prove them wrong, convince them and turn them to good persons that respect the right of others.  Yet we have to respect their right EVEN if they SAY or THINK different from ourselves!

By democratically debating and knowing what they think, we'd be stronger in preparing ourselves to deal with them.  Before to fight your enemy, know them!  And the best way to win a battle is winning without actual fighting but convincing them to surrender, don't you think?  And if you happen to agree with me on this point, how are we supposed to do that if we are not communicating with them, know nothing of what or why they say or think the way they do?

Those pictures are disturbing, but I don't think that they are really out of context!  I have mentioned racial bias that the media might operate with.  If you turn on T.V., read a newspaper, or going on the web for the news, what pictures are we seeing?  I just say, if we are think they are wrong, it is our jobs to prove them wrong!

The nature of our opinions is making clear the opposite nature of their opinions!

Anyway, I think a web forum like this one is a very good place to do the jobs!


Quotepmotyko wrote:
I firmly believe in freedom of speech, however, freedom of speech should be denied when abused to poison society with lies, hate, and ignorance.

So you believe that politicians should be banned from speaking publicly? I agree. :-P

Serilusly, though, I believe people still have the right to free speech no matter how ignorant, or inaccurate their words may be.  I draw the line on hate when the words are likely to incite violence. :gunfire:  I think the words Voltaire express my feelings better than my own: "I do not agree with what you have to say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it."

By the way, as I often access the CAOS site from work, I appreciate a warning if a link may be caught by a content filter.

"If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy." -James Madison



Today, this hour, MSNBC, President Bush promised a thorough investigation of the federal response in the Katrina aftermath.


QuotePresident Bush said he will oversee an investigation into what went wrong and why with relief efforts â€ââ,¬Â in part to be sure the country could withstand more storms or attack.


Just a thought on restricting access to those hate or extremist websites...  They should be the ones who are afraid of us when we came to their sites and restrict or prevent our access to their sites or their members' access to our sites...not the other way around...



Yahoo News, Today 9/7/05


QuoteFEMA Chief Sent Help Only After Storm Hit By TED BRIDIS, Associated Press Writer.WASHINGTON-The top U.S. disaster official waited hours after Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast before he proposed to his boss sending at least 1,000 Homeland Security workers into the region to support rescuers, internal documents show.



Bush requests $51.8 billion for hurricane relief
Republican leaders try to contain political fallout

by Jonathan Weisman and Amy Goldstein,
The Washington Post (Updated: 11:08 p.m. ET Sept. 7, 2005)/MSNBC-U.S. News-Hurricane Katrina


QuoteThe joint inquiry, launched by Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, R-Tenn., and House Speaker Dennis Hastert, R-Ill.,...With a deadline of Feb. 15,...Also Wednesday, FEMA launched its own $1.4 million investigation... Democratic leaders responded to the joint-congressional investigation by calling again for an independent probe similar to the investigation of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks. "An investigation of the Republican Administration by a Republican-controlled Congress is like having a pitcher call his own balls and strikes,"..."While countless Americans are pulling together to lend a helping hand, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are pointing fingers in a shameless effort to tear us apart," Republican National Committee Chairman Ken Mehlman responded...

Also, Yahoo! News,

QuoteHurricane bulldozes into US Congress



Update: http://msnbc.msn.com/

News: Katrina evacuees looking for work-Job fairs draw many; competition tough in some sectors-by By Krissah Williams of the Washington Post-Updated: 7:16 a.m. ET Sept. 9, 2005


News: FEMA leaders lack disaster experience Agency has suffered â€ËÅ"brain drain’ since 2001-by By Spencer S. Hsu
of the Wasjington Post-Updated: 6:33 a.m. ET Sept. 9, 2005


News: Report: FEMA chief’s bio overstates experience-City that hired him says he was â€ËÅ"more like an intern,’ Time reports-Reuters-Updated: 7:24 a.m. ET Sept. 9, 2005


News: Cheney: â€ËÅ"Impressive’ progress in Katrina relief-Vice president tours stricken region amid criticism of federal effort/AP Associated Press-Updated: 7:50 a.m. ET Sept. 9, 2005


News: U.S. seeks more NATO help moving Katrina aid-Alliance agrees, mulls deploying elite force for first humanitarian mission/AP Associated Press-Updated: 7:50 a.m. ET Sept. 9, 2005


Blogs: Katrina aftermath: Law and order breakdown (Cory Gnazzo, Abrams Report staff)/Side Bar by Dan Abrams-the blawg about injustice/the Abrams Report (ABRAMSREPORT.MSNBC)


Blogs: A 'MIRACLE,' BUT IS IT TOO LATE? Blogs by Mike Brunder


Blogs: With friends like these by Keith Olbermann (September 8, 2005 | 4:41 p.m. ET)/Watch Countdown with Keith Olbermann each weeknight at 8 p.m. ET & 12 midnight ET/Bloggermann by Keith Olbermann/E-mail: KOlbermann@msnbc.com/Watch Countdown with Keith Olbermann each weeknight at 8 p.m. ET & 12 midnight ET/MSNBC


Blogs: Pride of the Yankees-Blogs by Brian Williams (Sept. 8, 2005 | 5 p.m)/Nightly News with Brian Williams/MSNBC




MSNBC News 9/10/05: http://msnbc.msn.com/

AP poll: Bush job approval dips

Bush vows to rebuild Gulf Coast

FEMA director sent home
QuoteSept. 9: The Bush administration dumped Federal Emergency Management Director Michael Brown as commander of Hurricane Katrina relief operations. NBC's David Gregory reports.

FEMA chief relieved of Katrina duties

New Orleans mayor faces questions

Many victims seek help at black churches

FEMA says it will end debit card plan

Search for missing goes to the Web

Federal response to past disasters

George F. Will: Katrina will affect Iraq debate

Are disasters really good for the economy?

WP: Wealthiest New Orleans homes guarded

Stars offer â€ËÅ"Shelter From the Storm’ for victims

Blogging â€ËÅ"Shelter from the Storm’

Blog: The edge of a disaster zone

Hurricane Ophelia strengthens again

NBC: Health risks in the hurricane zone

Health warnings still lacking in Mississippi

Dateline: What went wrong in hurricane crisis?

Nightly: Confusion over mandatory evacuation order

Dateline: Katrina's unprecedented migration

Daily Nightly: Tough choices for New Orleans

Today: Hurricane TV coverage is scaring my kids

Blogs: Reynolds: An appalling story

Blogs: Clicked: Opening the poll vault

Katrina Net scams multiplying, FBI warns

Katrina victims at risk for ID theft, experts say



I just saw on cable TV, MSNBC, a heart-warming image of 2 kids, about 10 or 11, one black and one white, on the street of New Orleans, handing food and supplies out to people. They are two of the many volunteers that are working there right now.

Also, an interesting side news, I saw on the same MSNBC channel, that a subsidiary of Halliburton has won the contract to rebuild the city of News Orleans.  Then I did a web searh, here is the link:

Halliburton gets Katrina contract/Indymedia Ireland 9/6/2005



Update: MSNBC News

Cover: The Other America

How Bush Blew it

Eye of the Political Storm

Survivor Story: 6-Year-Old Leads Five Toddlers, Baby To Safety

Evolution of Hurricane Katrina  

Scammers hit Web in Katrina's wake  

Blog links for Katrina survivors and families  



Blogs: Relief Worker Blog

News: Bush Joins Recovery Leaders in New Orleans/AP

Barbara Bush: It's Good Enough for the Poor/The Nation - Tue Sep 6, 1:08 PM ET

Four years after Sept. 11, lessons from another blow USATODAY.com-Fri Sep 9, 6:59 AM ET

Bush Administration: News Stories

'Atta-boy' out of there as new questions arise at Newsday - Sat, Sep 10, 2005


William Grim

I hereby dub anguyen the special CAOS title of "I have no life; so, I respond to my own posts!"

Stiffler, if you're reading, you've been beaten.
William Grim
IT Associate, Morgan Stanley


Yahoo! News: 2min ago

Bush Takes Responsibility for Blunders-By LARA JAKES JORDAN, Associated Press Writer-2 minutes ago