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A Forum like this...SIUE Web Forum

Started by anguyen, 2005-08-26T11:47:00-05:00 (Friday)

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I made it there around 245 or 250pm to the Student Gov. meeting.  I did have the chance to talk to the Student Senate.  I told them a little bit about the idea of a SIUE web forum and said that I would like the Student Gov. to take up on the idea, present it to the students, and if they like the idea, rally SIUE student support, present it and petition to the university to realize a SIUE web forum.

From what I understand, the Student Government is not willing to support the idea for now.  They are basically saying with banner project for the university website going on now, the university is already tied up and could not do anything until a later time.  How later and if they eventually develop such services, I would not know.  Maybe I won't be seeing it in my lifetime here at SIUE.  

They did mention an important issue that the university wants to have a control in all of this.  I responded by saying that I proposed in my proposal that the university is actually in control by being members of the Control board of the SIUE web forum.  

I urged them to go to the CAOS website to take a look of what is going on there to have an idea.  I also asked them if I could participate in the next meeting of the Student Gov.  Anyhow, Ms. Benedict, the External Affairs Chair of the Student Gov. gave me an appointment to talk one-on-one with me next Friday at 300pm since she said that the Student Gov. meeting usually ends at 300pm and I have classes that last at least till that time.

I also asked them to put out a table in front of the Morris University Center to present the idea of a SIUE web forum and hand out information brochures of the project, which I'd volunteer to write or contribute to, or help with the table, and collect SIUE student support for now, which I received no response.  Some of them were saying that it was not the right time.

Luckily, I had the chance to talk to Mr. Jesse Phelps after the meeting, a member of the Student Senate.  He is an engineering student and also a member of CAOS.  He told me that he also had similar idea, which was even more developed.  He told me to be patient to wait for the right time and go to all the right persons and proper channels to achieve the goal of the project.  He said that he would pursue this idea and his version of the idea later at the right time (which might take years to realize) after the banner project is done.  From the conversation I had with him, I could see that he had the same enthusiasm that I do.  I hope he could later do something.  I asked him to go to CAOS web forum and post what he wanted to say regarding the idea of a SIUE web forum, which I had brought up.

Should we just sit and wait for the right time?...  I am just sad thinking that the rest of SIUE students right now do not know and use a great service like this one here, which the CAOS has been providing to its members.

William Grim

William Grim
IT Associate, Morgan Stanley

William Grim

Sweet!  I just got the shortest post in these forums ever!
William Grim
IT Associate, Morgan Stanley

Jesse Phelps

To start off this post, I would like to note that last year when I was campaigning and came to a CAOS meeting this was an issue I discussed and it did seem to receive positive support then and still does now.

That being said, here is the story.

Right now the university is using all of it's limited OIT capacity to complete the (Banner Project). I have spoken with those in charge of the university's web systems about this issue and some of my ideas. Basically, we have to wait until Banner is done and here's why.

They are installing a CMS (content management system) that all university web sites will be able to tap into. There are going to be MASSIVE changes to all the web sites university wide whether the departments and colleges know it yet or not... it's coming. Another part that is in the works is to make www.siue.edu the "virtual door" to the university for all those outside. We will have another site (maybe student.siue.edu?... I don't know what it will be yet) that all the students already enrolled will use. These two sites will be tailored to their audiences in all ways. As such, the student site will be a portal for everything. My understanding is that CougarNET and the SIUEvents, etc will all be integrated into this one system. Some of the ideas I have for this system are integration of a calendar system that all organizations can utilize and students can pick which groups events display on their calendar, etc. Along with this... ta da... I would like to see a forum integrated into this system.
NOTE: the information shared here may have changed since I was last informed... I will know a LOT more tomorrow but those were the plans as of my last update. Regardless, my desires are the same.

All that said, the Associate Vice Chancellor for Information Technology has told me that I have to wait until the CMS is in place and then whatever services it doesn't provide we can pursue. Now, I would like to note that I haven't presented this whole proposal to him yet. I have to work within certain constraints and pick and choose carefully when I act on things and right now he's very busy with Banner so I don't want to "waste" his time with this at the moment so that I can wait until he's more open to new projects. But he does know I have ideas of things I would like to see done and he knows that I'm a EE and CS dual-major so I know what I'm talking about and he seems more than willing to work with me on this.

I will be attending my first Banner Task Force meeting tomorrow and I will be finding out a plethora of new information related to Banner, it's timeline, etc. and any relavent information I will be sure to share with you all. I just ask you to be patient and continue to compile your ideas and thoughts on what you would like to see done because that is a process that we do NOT have to put a hold on.

I have some other ideas for things that will be going on this year hopefully. Internet2 is my major priority right now and the best part about that is that I AM making progress on this project. Right now I need more professors to help find ways we can utilize I2 in the classroom. So anyone reading this that can help with that please contact me!

I will be in touch with you all again very shortly. In fact, I am planning to attend another CAOS meeting in the near future to give you all a full update on my technical ideas for the university.

Jesse Phelps
Student Senator


Thanks Jesse for the update and your work.  Thank you!

Anh Nguyen