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Looking for 10 Good Robot Scientists

Started by Jerry, 2005-09-06T16:21:22-05:00 (Tuesday)

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The Mobile Robotics Course in the fall needs 10 good Computer Scientists!

Here's the info - http://roboti.cs.siue.edu/classes/CourseAnnouncementMobileRobotics.pdf

NEW for this year - Xport controllers that use the power of the Sony Gameboy and have real-time image processing.

"Make a Little Bird House in Your Soul" - TMBG...

Ross Mead

Might I add that those Xport controllers are really friggin' cool! :-D

... oh, and so is the class... :-)

... and, uhh, so is the teaching assistant... ;-)  :-P


QuoteJerry wrote:

Sony Gameboy

Holy shit, I think the world is going to end.
Bryan Grubaugh
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Ross Mead

Woah, wait, I didn't see that!?!  LOL!  Yeah, so just for clarification, it does not run using the Sony PSP, but rather the NINTENDO Gameboy.

... which is provided...

... so at least you'll have SOMETHING to do while you're in class! :-P