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Are there any Profs enrolled in the IBM Academic Initiative

Started by Oxnard, 2005-09-07T13:33:52-05:00 (Wednesday)

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IBM is running a mainframe contest, details here http://www.developer.ibm.com/university/students/contests/mainframecontest.html but you need a professor who's enrolled in the IBM Academic Initiative.

I'm a physics major but I'd like to give this a go, more to futz around with a mainframe than anything.  I'm posting here because I figure there are other people who would want to try this seeing as it isn't like we've all got mainframes lying around to play with.

Anyone know if there is a prof here that is enrolled or possibly a cool one that wouldn't mind signing up (the site claims it takes ten minutes) that I could ask?


I don't know of anyone who is enrolled in the IBM Academic Initiative, but you might ask Dr. White (he used to work for IBM), Dr. Waxman, or Dr. Blythe if they are interested.
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Dr. Blythe is in the process of signing up.  He said it'd take the IBM folks 3-5 days to take care of it so if anyone else is interested signup should be a breeze.