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Trying to contact CAOS

Started by EvilAndrew, 2005-09-01T22:40:38-05:00 (Thursday)

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There is someone named Emery Jordan (ejordan at siue) who is trying to get in touch with a CAOS representative. He/she sent this letter to my mailbox.  

QuoteHello, my name is Emery Jordan. I am currently the Hall Director for Woodland Hall here at SIUE. I am writing you because as a part of a program I am building, I have created the opportunity to visit employers that are interested in hiring students for internships and possibly for jobs. I was made aware that you are the advisor to our campus chapter of ACM. I am interested in contacting this group because Monsanto, a firm in St. Louis, in interested meeting IT students before the Career Fair. Given the short notice, I wanted to reach out to the organizations that I thought might be interested to see if we could form a program. Please let me know if this is something that your group would be interested in.

I suggest that someone (perhaps the CAOS president) give this person a call 650-4626 to see that this is all about.  

It might also be a good idea to post who the officers are on the website or at lease post who the CAOS faculty advisor is.

Brad Nunnally

Thanks Andrew. Either me or Ross will take care of this. I will get in touch with him to figure out which of us it will be.
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No one has contacted this guy yet, however, I think that someone should.  He called me again today and told me that Monsanto really want CS students to be involved in this event because they select interns from this group.  If the officers are not interested then perhaps individual students can contact him.


I've had some email exchanges with Ajay Dharna, an alumni at Monsanto, who has made the same request through me.

I've passed on the request to Dr. Blythe who is going to work with CAOS to schedule an event.
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