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General Meeting

Started by William Grim, 2005-09-09T14:22:34-05:00 (Friday)

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William Grim

Has anyone thought about when we should have a general meeting?

On top of that, what should we talk about at the meeting?

The_ME spoke to me earlier today, and he has a couple of good ideas.  He thinks we could have some sort of group programming project surrounding some open source software.  One idea he had is to hack NetHack or XNetHack in a number of ways as a collaborative effort.

He and I talked about having people interested in map design creating some nethack maps, while others work on adding some functionality to nethack or new bitmaps for XNetHack that are somehow related to SIUE or the CS dept.

Another idea we had for a group project is to split the Intelligent Thought Engine into smaller subprojects and doing a bit of work there.  This project would eventually implement a parallel computing architecture that should scale well in both the vertical and horizontal planes.  Of course, we'd open source the software.

These are just a couple ideas of what we could do.  Any other ideas are also welcome.
William Grim
IT Associate, Morgan Stanley

Jonathan Birch

There was discussion before about trying to get some speakers this year. I know we've had professors do this in the past (particularly Dr. White and Dr. Lozowski). Perhaps we could ask people to name topics they'd be interested in hearing about?

Regarding NetHack:

"The goose hisses. You miss the goose. The goose bites! You are killed! Do you want your possessions identified?"

Brad Nunnally

I general meeting is hopefully going to be planned later this month. As John mentioned right now we are trying to find a speaker to give a short presentation for this meeting as well. Hopefully soon there will be more information. However, this would be a great place to put ideas for us officers to consider for the events we will be having this semester. At the first meeting we will be announce the first event and decide on the rest, hopefully.
Brad Ty Nunnally
Business & Usabilty Consultant at Perficent
Former CAOS Hooligan