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ACM ICPC Programming Contest

Started by Dr. Stephen Blythe, 2005-09-09T14:55:44-05:00 (Friday)

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Dr. Stephen Blythe

Have you ever wanted to boast that you are a better programmer than your friends at other schools? Or perhaps that you think SIUE has prepared you as a programmer better than other local schools?

Now is your chance to do so (and have some fun in the process)! The ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest is just around the corner, namely Saturday, November 5. In this contest, you will be competing with teams of students from other local colleges and universities (as well as schools from around the midwest).

In the past, SIUE has fared very well at these contests - for   example, last year, one of our teams finished first in the St. Louis Metropolitan area and 5th of over 100 teams in the entire midwest. So, while you do have some "big shoes" to fill, you can rest assured that you are well prepared (not to mention that I am the "returning coach" for that team).

***ANY*** undergraduate from SIUE is eligible - whether you are a freshman or a senior, you are eligible (I've coached teams of freshman that have done better than teams of seniors in the past). If you're interested, just let me know, either by email (sblythe@siue.edu) or by dropping by my office (EB3042).

Should you do as well as (or better than) last year's 5th place finish, you stand a decent chance of getting into the next round, namely the world finals - this year they are currently planned to be held in San Antonio, Texas in April.

For more information on the contest, check out: 2006 ACM ICPC Official Site