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Volunteering to help bridge the digital divide

Started by Jerry, 2005-09-11T19:28:48-05:00 (Sunday)

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WITS is a St. Louis organzation that recycles computers and gives free computers and training to low-income families.

They are looking for one or more volunteers to help re-design and develolp their web prescence.

At the St. Louis Users Conference on Friday, we did a hands-on workshop to analyze and explore new designs. The professional that led the session has commited to working on the design.

This is a good opportunity for someone to build their resume and possibly open a few doors by working with a professional from Perficient.

If you are interested and able to make a commitment, send me an email.

Jerry Weinberg
"Make a Little Bird House in Your Soul" - TMBG...


I'm going to be working on the project as well.  Eric, my coworker at Perficient, is a great guy to work with and it should be fun.  If you are interested in software design or HCI then this is a very good chance to impress the right people at a great company.

Bryan Grubaugh
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