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Started by The_ME, 2005-09-12T12:10:40-05:00 (Monday)

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Um... Well, I was wondering if we were going to have any events this semester. I have a few ideas, which will be place upon this screen after this period.

1) Season 3 of Red vs Blue is out and we haven't watched it yet.

2) We could watch Season 1 and 2 again for the new members.
3) Start a group open source project. Just something to keep everyone interested. (Maybe write a new class registration system for the school. Oh, maybe a nethack type game. Hell I don't know.)
4) Have a few of the professors speak on there research.
5) Build a kegbot. I just realized this is what we should do. kegbot.org


The ME


I just got a membership for the first time this season. These guys are funny.


Brad Nunnally

We will be having a general meeting either next week or the following week. At the meeting we will lay the ground work down for all the events for this semester. If you could just keep all you ideas and present them at the meeting in detail. We are looking to have one event for every month this semester. Thanks for the ideas and hopefully later this week we will have a date and time for the general meeting.
Brad Ty Nunnally
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When I am I supposed to bring Season 3? I totally forgot when.

Ross Mead

We were supposed to have a meeting today, but it got cancelled because Ajay Dharna from Monsanto could not show up.  We'll be planning another event, probably for the second week of October (don't hold me to that though).