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Monsanto IT presentation and other news...

Started by Ross Mead, 2005-09-29T13:27:34-05:00 (Thursday)

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Ross Mead

Hello all, I just wanted to inform you that Ajay Dharna will be giving a presentation regarding Monsanto's IT department and the co-op programs they offer today (Thursday, September 29th) in Founders Hall, room 0107.

On a related note, for those of you who were at the last meeting, we have cancelled the meeting tomorrow.

We'll be scheduling another meeting sometime mid-October.  The poll regarding a standard meeting time resulted in a preference to meet on the first Friday of every month.  However, the first Friday of October is already reserved for the ACM's 11th Annual Reflections | Projections Computing Conference at UofI, and many CAOS members are attending that.  Thus, we have decided to consider scheduling the next meeting at a later date.


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