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Lab Firefox request

Started by , 2005-09-30T13:19:43-05:00 (Friday)

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I was wondering if any of you Caos boys could manage to convince the lab managers that Firefox would be worth having in the labs.  When I am doing group work in the labs I miss tabs something awful.  Thanks either way.


I believe this has been brought up before.  I'm pretty sure its not installed lab wide because its difficutl to manage or something like that. BUT you can download it (getfirefox.com) and installing it on your Z: directory.  Thats what I do.

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For security reasons we cannot run FireFox 1.0 on lab machines.  According to reports I hear about FireFox 1.5, however, we may be able to use it.  When it comes out, I will try it and see.


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