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Scott AB Programming Position

Started by Jerry, 2005-10-06T11:02:48-05:00 (Thursday)

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 Greetings, I thought I would put this out to the CS community.  

I am currently hiring an entry level programmer at Scott AFB/Defense Information Systems Agency.  If you know of any sharp students that are in the market for a great (full time) job let me know.  The job is maintaining applications with Visual Basic, Java Script, and ASP (Oracle 9 back end).  Some new web development.  We will soon be going to .NET framework .  The individual will receive a secret government clearance which is valuable in its self.  We have great benefits including 100 percent tuition/medical/401k etc.  Pay range is around 50k depending on skills.   Any referrals would be greatly appreciated.  This position would be perfect for a sharp student or graduate with the ability to learn quickly.  Must have a passion for programming!
 Kind Regards,
 Ross Coppage
 Ross Coppage
 MTC Technologies
 Defense Information Systems Agency (CONUS)
 (618)229-8877 FAX: (618)229-8941
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