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Horrible connection on campus

Started by Shaun Martin, 2005-10-10T10:43:38-05:00 (Monday)

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R. Andrew Lamonica

In OIT's most recent newsletter to the SIUE Faculty and Staff, they announced network bandwidth improvements for the campus.  This may or may not translate to an increase in bandwidth for student resident's computers, but having more available cannot hurt.

QuoteIT Newsletter #5 - Network Improvements

SIUE has contracted with Charter Communications to provide new high-speed network connections among the Alton, East St. Louis, and Edwardsville campuses. Charter will also provide an upgraded link to the Illinois Century Network, the University’s route to the Internet.  When installed, these new circuits will allow a substantial increase in Internet bandwidth to all three campuses.  The new circuits will be installed during the Christmas Holiday.

OIT's News Site


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Shaun Martin

I read that also Andrew.  I hope things work out.  :-D
Shaun Martin
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