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Started by Admin, 2002-09-20T10:55:03-05:00 (Friday)

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If you have an idea for a new forum, post here. Please state the name, topic or description, and the section it should go in. Example of a section, General CAOS Forums with the forums "Questions and Answers", "News and Commentary", ... If the section does not exist I can create one.

Here are some ideas that have been trowen out by the CAOS Officers. Let us know what you think of them:

1) CS 330 suggested by Victor
2) Forums for CAOS Forgery suggested by me
3) CS 321 suggested by Victor

Note: We can't have a forum for every class, and answers to Class programs or take-home quizes cannot be given out on the Forum, unless posted by the Professor or the Professor has given the permission to post solutions.


Victor Cardona

I don't know if the CS 330 forum will work. I know that the professors that are teaching CS 321 this semester  are interested in becoming involved, but I don't know if the professor teaching CS 330 would be as enthusiastic. Obviously we would have to decide who would be a moderator on the forums for classes.


Elizabeth Weber

I added a 'humor' forum Funny Bone and an Academics forum (in which you could post threads for specific classes).

Sound ok?
~Elizabeth Weber


Sounds great, and you picked the perfect name. I would have never have come up with "Funny Bones." Thank you!