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CAOS Weekly Philosophy: DRM and Broadcast Flags, ummm...

Started by Brad Nunnally, 2005-10-04T16:31:21-05:00 (Tuesday)

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Brad Nunnally

So it was brought to my attention that a local congressmen has jumped on the FCC bandwagon when it comes to DRM and Broadcast Flagging. This is the best reason why I call myself conservative compared to a republican, cause of congressmen like this.

So here is the ethical issue:
A] Should the government be involved in this stuff in the least? I mean there are a lot of other agencies or companies that are supposed to take care of this stuff for us. Better yet with so many other IMPORTANT issues on the table should the people the WE elect be taking their important time to talk and deal with these issues.
B] In general should there be any kind of law the deals with DRM's or Broadcast Flagging? Should DRM's even be around for digital media? Because if you pay attention to music you know that artists get their money from doing shows, not the CD's and the music they release in a digital format. That is just a simple fact.

So what do you all think? If you are totally against the congressmen’s ambitions in this matter and you live in the Edwardsville area contact them and let them know. Remember "supposedly" they represent you. With the rise of DRM's in general I think this is a very important issue. If you are for this issue the let them know too, for then at least I would be content that he would be representing the people of his district.
Brad Ty Nunnally
Business & Usabilty Consultant at Perficent
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If you ask me this is as bad as our government worrying about cheating in major league baseball.  It's a waste of their time and my tax money.
Bryan Grubaugh
Quickly aging alumni with too much time on his hands
Business Systems Analyst, Scripps Networks.


I think the government should stay out of private industry.

If companies want to sue because they think someone is unlawfully taking their products, that's up to them.  Whether I agree with them is irrelavant.  It's their right.

I don't think however, it's the government's job to police private organizations.  It falls into the same category the the FCC (or some govt organization, I forget which one), has some law about HDTV becoming mandatory by some deadline.  That is ridiculous.  HDTV will become the norm when the technology is such that most people can afford it.  That is currently not the case.  Technology will evolve on it's own, the government should not be there to tell them when and how fast it will evolve.
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