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Scott AFB Positions Available

Started by Jerry, 2005-10-21T12:04:18-05:00 (Friday)

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Dr. Weinberg
I am the Division Chief for the Information Systems Division at the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) CONUS located at Scott AFB.  DISA sponsors the Student Career Employment Program (SCEP).  We employ area students and we currently have several SIUE undergraduate Computer Science students working in my division as well as other Divisions within DISA CONUS. I would very much appreciate your recommendation of students for IT positions that will be opening here at DISA CONUS.  

We look for well qualified candidates that will take full advantage of the opportunity and are interested in gaining hands on IT experience.  The experience they get here will allow them to utilize their skills in a real world environment as well as allow them to enhance their experiences and skills. Our students perform the same work as someone we would hire out of college, only part time.  I think this gives them a tremendous competitive advantage when they graduate, as well as provide us with motivated staff to complement our full-time staff. My division supports the IT needs of approximately 700 staff here at DISA CONUS.  Students perform a variety of duties including configuring, installing and supporting PCs and servers and related applications; providing technical support through our help desk; providing application programming and network support.

This is a government service position starting at the GS-3 level with an hourly pay of approximately $10.55. Grade increases occur based on educational credit hours. Any students you recommend should mail a resume and official transcript to our human resources staff:

Judy Leaver
604 Tyler St., Bldg 3189
Scott AFB, IL  62225

As a graduate of the SIUE Management Information Systems Masters program, I also took advantage of the opportunity while a student to work for the Department of Agriculture in St. Louis. It was a wonderful experience and lead to my career in government service.  Please call or e-mail me regarding any students you recommend so I will know to watch out for their resumes. If there are any questions I can answer for you, feel free to contact me.  


Susan Carlson
Chief, Information Systems Division (RN6) DISA CONUS
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If we are interested in a job a SAF should we come talk to you first, or just submit our resume to Judy Leaver?


You should submit a resume.

I get a few job posting a month - besides posting them here I also post hardcopy notices in EB 1036 on the CS Jobs Posting Board.

"Make a Little Bird House in Your Soul" - TMBG...