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So who else thinks it's fugly?

Started by Bryan, 2005-10-26T15:38:23-05:00 (Wednesday)

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the new SIUE webpage that is. www.siue.edu  Bring back the tired and old..this is just..just...uggggh*

*the above is a personal opinion, if you want to get into an argument about why it's bad for professional reasons...i'm always game for an HCI discussion.
Bryan Grubaugh
Quickly aging alumni with too much time on his hands
Business Systems Analyst, Scripps Networks.


I do consider myself a somewhat of an HCI guy, I've been involved in several web projects in the past as well as present and take extreme pride in my applications.  That being said.  
It is my OPINION that it is pretty fancy looking.  The navigation sucks.  I feel that it is not very intuitive.  I feel like I'm in a rice burner, all nice and fancy and flashy, but nothing under the hood. Actually, I think that I poop prettier than this thing.

President of CAOS
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Peter Motyka

I'm surprised that red/white on black was the chosen color scheme.  Personally, I find the red portions over black hard on the eyes.
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Senior Engineer, Ping Identity

Brad Nunnally

At first I thought you all were crazy cause I keep seeing the same old page for some reason. Must of been cached or something. However, now I see what everyone else see and all I have to say is " Ohhh me eyes...". I couldn't even find what I was looking for right away. Which is a huge pet peeve of mine.  I wonder who it was they had design it. Ohh well good thing I only go there when I need something, which isn't too often.
Brad Ty Nunnally
Business & Usabilty Consultant at Perficent
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Ross Mead

Like Brad, I was unable to get the new site to pop up for me.  I tried it on two different browsers (Firefox and IE) on two different computers (my desktop and my laptop) and cleared both of their caches multiple times (though they should not have anything in their caches, as I auto-clear the cache each time the browser closes).  Hmm... anyone have any ideas?

Well, Brad sent me a screen shot, and I must say, it does look rather shocking to the eye.  The color contrast really hurts the eyes, and, as Brad mentioned, makes it difficult to read from almost any distance.

QuoteI wonder who it was they had design it.

Whoever designed it really needs to take an HCI class, and/or ...

QuoteThe navigation sucks.

... an interfaces class as well.

**shakes head** Back to the drawing board... (hopefully)...

bill corcoran

I dislike that it makes even less use of my 1280x1024 browser window, and doesn't render in it quite right either.  HCI issues aside, I do like black better than white.

QuoteFrom: "Gregory J. Conroy"
To: "Staff" , "Retirees" ,
Subject: New Web site
Date: Thu, 27 Oct 2005 08:26:10 -0500

Marketing and Communications is excited to announce the launch of Phase I of our updated Web site using the Luminis Content Management System (CMS). The new Web site was designed with input from current and prospective students and is meant to place emphasis on the quality of our academics. The new CMS software allows us to:

     ÃƒÂ¢Ã¢â€šÂ¬Ã,¢ Enable a common look and feel, while also providing consistent navigation throughout the SIUE Web site.

    * Minimize duplicate content.
    * Empower non-technical users to create, manage, and publish their own Web content.

Please understand that with a project of this magnitude, we could not complete the entire site at once. Marketing and Communications and the Faculty Technology Center will continue to work with each College, School, and Major Unit until site reconstruction is complete.


If you'd care to share feedback about the Web site, please submit it online: www.siue.edu (under Contact SIUE).



G. Patrick Williams
Vice Chancellor for University Relations


this is quite possibly content management AT ITS WORSE!  I mean..content management is good.  it helps companies keep shit together if they're not technically inclined.  But, for god sakes why put red text on a black background?!?! WHY?!
Bryan Grubaugh
Quickly aging alumni with too much time on his hands
Business Systems Analyst, Scripps Networks.

Geoff Schreiber

Brad, I thought the same thing - the CS tutor lab doesn't show the updated site as of about 6PM - but I see the crap now

As a web designer for several years, there's just a couple things you don't do.  red on black, white on red, black on black (dropdown background)....  While their plain text choices pass the color difference tests and the brightness difference tests, the red links on a black background don't pass the W3C standards...

Geoff Schreiber
Project Engineer
FASTechnology Group


Even the prefessors in CMIS think its ugly.. Apparently, the web designer polled a bunch of current high school students (supposedly the next generation SIUE class) to see what they liked, and they voted for this layout.  The red on black is hard to see and you still have to scroll down on the current students page.. urgh :roll:

Geoff Schreiber

While I don't mind scrolling, they should have made that a layer based menu or javascript - something with flyouts or +/- navigation, to make it initially much shorter, pick your category, then see the subs....  I don't see that they did any HCI testing, just a poll as to the actual design look... Layout itself, looks fine, just poor color choices for the most part.
Geoff Schreiber
Project Engineer
FASTechnology Group