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Domain name purchase

Started by Palash Mukhopadhyay, 2005-11-01T20:10:02-06:00 (Tuesday)

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Palash Mukhopadhyay

I have to buy a domain name for a friend of mine who want me to host his website.
I don't know from whom I should buy the domain.
Yahoo(8.50 $ one) or GoDaddy?
I have my own web server in my apartment.
Any idea?
It will be a data driven website(php/mysql).
I will be happy to get any idea from you because right now I am kinda confused.


I personally use GoDaddy, they've never done me wrong and their features are wonderful.
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I'm using dreamhost.com, it's pretty nice.

4.8 GB storage, 120GB bandwidth, 600 e-mail ccounts, PHP, MySQL, CGI, Jabber, other stuff...


Sign up with the coupon code 'BEST' to get a full year for about $22.


I have used both www.stargate.com (i think 9 yrs of domain registration is like real cheap), and I've worked for people who use www.web-hosting-inexpensive.com they did donate a domain and hosting for our county relay for life.

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I use godaddy for registration and siteflip for hosting for all my domains.  I have been extremely happy with the service, performance, and reliability of both.  
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R. Andrew Lamonica

You might consider paying a hosting company to host the domain name.  The problem with hosting out of your appartment is that it is hard to get fast upload internet access in one.  I have 3Mb/s cable service and the up-speed is only about 384Kb/s (== <50KB/s) This means that the site will seem slow with one user and really slow with two users and that assumes that you are not already using some of the bandwidth for you personal use.  I recommend that you find a hosting service that charges a low monthly fee and go with them.  You will get about 100Mb up-speed from them with a cap of about 10-50Gb per month.  I like to get root access to a virtual server with my hosting companies but the cheaper services without this feature still work fine.