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ACM Programming Contest Results

Started by Dr. Stephen Blythe, 2005-11-07T12:54:41-06:00 (Monday)

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Dr. Stephen Blythe

Just wanted to let everyone (who has not yet heard) know how SIUE's two teams did at this year's ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC).

The team comprised of Jonathan Birch, Andrew Garrison and Nathan Mikeska finished in fifth place in the entire region! That's fifth of over 120 competing teams! Amazingly, this was "only" good enough to finish second at our site, as a team from WashU finished first in the overall region (beating out our team by just a single problem solved). This marks the second year in a row that an SIUE team has finished fifth in the region - both of these placements are a tie for the best SIUE has ever placed!

Our second team, comprised of Shaun Moats, Brian Pritchett, and Shaun Martin also did quite well. They placed 55/120+ in the entire region and in the exact middle of all teams at the local site (which is pretty good, considering that two teams from our local site finsihed in the top 5). Considering that the team was made up entirely of "firt-timers", this is a fantastic finish also; more impressively, Shaun Martin is a Freshman and Brian Pritchett a sophomore.

If you see any of these folks around, before to congratulate them. They did a great job, and represented SIUE extremely well.

Ross Mead

Brad Nunnally

Sweet!! Doing the CS program proud. Congrats fellas!  :dance:
Brad Ty Nunnally
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William Grim

William Grim
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This Year's Standings (Placed 5th)
Last Year's Standings (Also Placed 5th)

The Previous years seem to be gone but I think the best we had placed prior to last year was 8th.

Shaun Martin

Shaun Martin
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