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Jinriksha Photos

Started by Ross Mead, 2005-11-10T02:37:36-06:00 (Thursday)

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Ross Mead

For those of you who are Facebook users, you may have noticed the new "My Photos" feature, which allows you to create photo albums for different occasions.  I've taken this opportunity to post some photos from past shows that my band, Jinriksha, has played.  You can find photos from their respective shows here (even if you're not a Facebook user!):

Jinriksha Photos

... notice the shirt I'm wearing in at the most recent show... gotta' represent... ;-)

(Also, the photo album cover for the most recent show is the picture that is on our new t-shirts if anyone is interested... )

If you like what you see, come see check us out sometime live!  It's always a really good time!  I'll post updates on upcoming shows as they become known to me.

If you are interested in the band, please join our Facebook group, Jinriksha Armata.  I post announcements on the group message boards, so you can stay up-to-date there as well!