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CS Jobs: Full-time, part-time, and interships available

Started by Jerry, 2005-11-21T11:09:44-06:00 (Monday)

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Dr. Weinberg:
Thanks for your response.  I would definitely be interested in placing some students for the spring semester or if there are students who want to maybe work part time and gain some excellent experience I would like to speak with them as well.  Here are the qualifications and Primary Duties and Responsibilities for individuals who we would be looking for.

Qualifications: Proven organizational skills. Familiarity of database design. Experience with database programming languages. Knowledge of word processing, spreadsheet, email, and graphic programs.  Computer hardware troubleshooting knowledge required.  Strong verbal communication skills.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities: Maintenance and updates to existing database systems, User support and training, Research, design, programming and implementation of new databases, hardware and database troubleshooting, documentation upkeep and Internet administration

Students can contact me directly at 632-8558 or fax me a resume and a cover letter to 632-8240.


Martin Dekker
Financial Resources of America in O'Fallon

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