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Phi Beta Lambda wants to give a talk at a CAOS meeting

Started by Greg Chabala, 2005-10-27T18:01:28-05:00 (Thursday)

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Greg Chabala

Hi, I'm Greg Chabala, the exiting President of Phi Beta Lambda, which is a business club. Dean Seaburg gave PBL a fair amount of money to travel to Orlando over the summer to a national conference, on the condition that I give a talk on how the conference went in a CAOS meeting in the following term.

I'd like to speak with the current leader of CAOS about scheduling this talk. As a preview to how this relates to CAOS, I won First Place in C++ Programming at the national level. We would like to have more engineering student involvement in our group to continue this kind of publicity for SIUE.

Greg Chabala

Greg Chabala

Sadly, I must post to myself to bring it to attention again. I understand Ross is the current president of CAOS. Please contact me.

William Grim

Hello, Greg.

I'm one of the non-presidential officers of CAOS and think a talk would be good.  Do you have more details?

By the way, if you want to contact Ross, which is a good idea, his CAOS screenname is Q-Bit; his email is listed on that page.  Also, if you have trouble getting anywhere via that route, please contact Jerry Weinberg; you can fetch his email from this page.

If I see Ross, I will forward your message to him.
William Grim
IT Associate, Morgan Stanley

Ross Mead

Hiya' Greg, sorry I haven't gotten in contact with you prior to now.  I simply did not see the original post despite checking the forums daily (must have been a really busy day or something... )!  **shakes head**  Anyways, in the case that you check the CAOS forums before you check your e-mail, I'm just letting you (and all other CAOS officers who will most likely be asking me... ) know that I sent you an e-mail regarding a meeting date and time.  Please check your messages and get back to me on what date and time best fits your schedule.  Thanx! :-)