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Open source projects?

Started by NitricEste, 2005-12-16T20:02:31-06:00 (Friday)

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I was on this site like a couple years ago and I thought I remember something about starting a kind of siue version of sourceforge...did anything come of this? I plan on returning to SIUE to finish up my degree but I've been lacking on the coding skills...need to brush up.


I know I mentioned that last year.  I very well may not have been the first one to suggest this, but I think it would be a really sweet idea if the CAOS news postings were tied right in with the forum.

I neither have the desire or the access to do anything like this (I am a highly distinguished Alumni-ha).  But it might make a really sweet senior project???
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bit confused...you don't have the desire or access to setup a caos version of sourceforge...or don't have the desire and access to tie in the news postings to the forum?

I'm not using my coding brain cells till Fall of next year. I could build a CVS/php thingy that wouldn't require actual siue server space...of course anyone could do that if they had the time...but would anyone at SIUE use it to start their own coding projects and get people to join in?