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Windows Vista Beta 1 through MSDN

Started by raptor, 2005-09-16T10:44:06-05:00 (Friday)

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I was looking around about Windows Vista (a.k.a. Longhorn) and somewhere on Microsoft's site they mentioned that MSDN subscribers could download a copy of the first beta version.  I do realize that our MSNDAA software etc.  as students isn't an actual subscription.  But, I wondering if the CS Department had access to the download.  If not I guess the next best thing would be if someone else out there has a copy.

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R. Andrew Lamonica

I checked and we do have access to Windows Vista (a.k.a. Longhorn Professional Beta 1).  From what I read here


we may be able to provide it to students.  However, I am not sure I want to put it up on ELMS because it may confuse the bulk of our users (CS 140 students).  So, anyone who is interested in trying it out can visit my office (eb1022) and we can talk about logistics.  

R. Andrew Lamonica

I have added a Windows Vista checkout option to the MSDNAA.  You will need to use the drop-down menu instead of a big picture icon, because I don’t want to confuse normal users.  To check out the DVD you will need to follow this procedure.

1. Make sure your computer meets the minimum recommended hardware.
2. Log on to the MSDNAA using CSD. Make sure you give your e-mail address to site before you login (adding it after causes a bug to delay your requests).
3. Use the drop-down â€Ã...“Search by product titlesâ€Ã, menu to select Windows Vista (Longhorn) Professional Edition Beta 1
4. Go through the steps to check out a DVD.
5. When you reach the top of the waiting list you will be notified (by e-mail).
6. Come to EB1022 to get the DVD and a Key.
7. Install the software.
8. Return the DVD to EB1022 within a week so that someone else can use the DVD.

Jon Greathouse and I tried the software out on a 3.2Ghz, 1GB DDR2, 80GB SATA, 256MB ATI Video Card, system and it was real slow.  It also blue-screened too many times to be useful for normal tasks.  However, it was fun to see the new interface and it might work better with a different video card.

Brad Nunnally

Has anyone else played around with it? I was thinking about trying it out, though I might wait for a more stable version if Andrew had that kind of luck with it.
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My brother in law works for Aegia and got a copy of longhorn awhile ago with the company.  They said no matter what they tried it on, it was horribly slow.  They also said very few applications work with it.

The reason is there are no (few at most) drivers written for longhorn yet, and most applications that look for the version of Windows to run properly don't find a correct (or at least compatible) version, so applications were freezing up all the time.

I hope that as the release approaches and drivers and applications are made with Vista in mind, that these problems will be resolved.  For now, Vista is pretty much a toy that you can't do anything with.  You can ooh and ahh at how slick everything looks, but then get all pissed off because it freezes up and the things that do work work really slow.
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Sounds like it works the same as every other windows distribution.
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William Grim

I imagine it's slower more because it's running in a debugging mode than because of the drivers.

When I was working on our senior project and we had lots of debugging calls enabled, the project ran REEEAAAALLLLYYY slowly.  Once we turned most of the debugging off, the thing sped up on the order greater than 1000%.
William Grim
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R. Andrew Lamonica

You are probably correct, Mike.  However, there is not much we can do about the way the software was compiled when we got the DVD image, so anyone interested might want to take that into account.

I have had a few people put their names on the list so I would like to encourage the first person on the list to pickup the DVD ASAP so that we can get things moving.  I am in the lab from 9am to 5pm most days.

If the list gets too long I burn some more copies, but I really don’t want to have too many floating around because we did that with Windows XP a few years ago and lost more than a dozen copies to people who did not return them.  


I've been on the alpha/beta teams of both XP and Vista, Vista, like XP before it, sucks as a beta.  Just a tip, all Microsoft products underperform as betas.  They seem to leave out most of the good stuff.  Half the features of IE7 still don't work, and either do Server 2003 R2.  I can't wait till the activate the beta of Longhorn Server!  Being a network admin, I can blame all you developers for these issues.   :-P   For shame!!!!  

Just an FYI, Beta 2 is expect to be released by the end of the year, so probally May.  I have only had luck running Vista in VPC, being that the PCI bus on ANY computer I own is not yet supported.  Oh well, just have to wait...


Sooooo.....    Build 5231 (aka Beta 2) came out already.  I stand correct.  I just got done downloading and am now installing in VPC.  

R. Andrew Lamonica

If you count CTPs (Community Technology Previews) as Betas then Build 5231 is Beta 3 and it came out three days ago.  I queued it up for download, but I have not tried it yet.  If it turns out to be good then I will offer it on ELMS in the same way that we are currently offering Vista Beta 1.

Another interesting release from MS is that of IE7 for XP Beta 1.  This came out last night and might be more fun to play with than Vista Beta 1 (or at least less painful).  I'll look into the License and see if we can offer it.  I assume that it needs no key because there is no request form on the MSDN Subscribers site for them, but I could be wrong.


You do, it's listed in the MSDNAA if you look in the drop down list.  I forget the lab number, but you have to checkout with on the MSDNAA website, then there's a lab on the 2nd floor you can pick up the cd at.

R. Andrew Lamonica

Just so everyone is clear.  Here are no MSDNAA checkouts or downloads during the breaks.  This gives us (and Microsoft) a chance to upgrade the system.  Additionally, we cannot have accurate class lists when classes are not in session.  The system will be turned on sometime the first week of classes, after break.  At that time, students who are financially cleared and officially enrolled in at least one CS class will be automatically granted access to the ELMS  MSDNAA site.  

Have a nice break.
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