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Tracking / Discussing Professional Group Events

Started by Gary Mayer, 2002-09-23T02:16:11-05:00 (Monday)

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Gary Mayer

If any of you have looked around, I'm sure you've seen the occassional sign for an upcoming event like the ACM Special Interst Group in Computer Graphics (SIGGRAPH) or American Association for Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) Symposium or International Joint Conferences on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI) or Human Computer Interaction (HCI). Not that the user is all that importa... er, wait, my wife isn't reading this is she?!  :-P  

Anyway, a number of these are in no way nearby - California, Acapulco, Canada - but may be a great opportunity if a student were to go and meet people that are pioneering the frontier in their area of interest.  Not to mention the fun of traveling.

Unfortunately, SIUE usually doesn't supplement a student unless s/he is presenting.  Some of these events do offer discounts / freebies if you volunteer though.

Does anyone think it worthwhile if these events are tracked on here - in the calendar and maybe by a sort routine that lets you see just these events?  This way, students can plan in advance and maybe even get together with other students for reduced hotel, car, whatever costs.
-- Malekith

The higher, the fewer, Doctor. The higher it goes, the fewer.

Victor Cardona

That is a great idea. Conferences and events are always fun, and they can be very educational too. The cool thing is that not all conferences are academic in nature too. So we would be able to track a variety of conferences that could appeal to everyone.