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AJAX Programming Competition

Started by R. Andrew Lamonica, 2006-01-13T16:41:32-06:00 (Friday)

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R. Andrew Lamonica

Write a cross-browser (IE6 and FireFox1.5) supported AJAX webpage that displays a tutor schedule in a creative and convenient manner.

1. The best page may be used on the SIUE Computer Science website.  
2. Bragging Rights on CAOS.
3. Whatever else I can think of that would make a good yet cost-effective prize.

Technical Requirements:
1. The AJAX Application should get its data from a URL provided to it by us.
2. The XML data will be formatted list this Sample.
3. The page should have a similar color scheme to that used on the CS site.
4. The page should work in an IFRAME.  (Yes, I know that IFRAMES are not valid in XHTML-Strict but I don’t care.)
5. All paths should be relative (e.g. â€Ã...“../blah/blah.jpgâ€Ã,) not absolute (e.g. â€Ã...“http://server.com/blah.jpgâ€Ã,)

1. Members of the CS Dept. Staff and Faculty will judge the sites (but we may seek input from CAOS).
2. If we do not get an entry that we like, then we maintain the right to not use any of the entries on our site.
3. Only Open-Source code and Creative Commons Share-Alike content may be used.
4. The resulting page must be Open-Source.
5. Entries should be submitted via e-mail to Andrew Lamonica.
6. You must have fun and learn something doing this project because the prizes stink.

- Andrew Lamonica