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Robots Companies, Research Labs, Resources

Started by Jerry, 2002-09-23T04:44:58-05:00 (Monday)

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Check this out everything from Tour Guide Robots to Fire Fighting Robots:

IEEE Robotics and Automation Society has a nice list of robot companies and research labs at: IEEE Robotics and Automation Resources

When SNORRT gets done we will put our tour guide robot there too. (Don't know what SNORRT means? Ask Ryan :-) )

AAAI also has a great robot resource page at:
AAAI AI Topics on Robots
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Ryan Lintker

Should Never Operate Rented Robots while Tanked.

It may be harmful to your health when you don't remember how you trashed a $30,000 robot and have to confront its owner.  You'll only remember that you had a great time doing it and are really sorry.
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