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Better Aerial Photos on Google Local

Started by EvilAndrew, 2006-01-26T12:13:39-06:00 (Thursday)

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Google Local just got better aerial photos in their database.  There are now two more zoom levels and SIUE can be seen in one of them.  Most of St. Louis can be seen in both.

SIUE Engineering Building
Official Google Announcement of New Imagery

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does anyone know when the photos were taken? seems like a few years ago
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I'm sure the photos were taken at all different times.  My evidence for this is that they were definitely taken during different seasons (you can see the trees).  I also know that the new hi-rez photos are not â€Ã...“new photosâ€Ã, because the airplane that was flying above Edwardsville is still in the same place now as it was with the â€Ã...“old low-rez photos.â€Ã,  Using the progress of road (and trail) construction projects in central Edwardsville you can probably date our pictures to about fall 2003 or winter 2004, but this timetable will not hold up for other cities or even other parts of the area.  

You can usually find blocks of photos that were taken all at about the same time by looking from a great height for vegetation-color differences in the landscape.

Unmoving Airplane

159 Road Construction

Map regions taken at different times