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Would this help with SIUE's network problems?

Started by Shaun Martin, 2006-02-01T14:56:55-06:00 (Wednesday)

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Shaun Martin

I was talking with a friend today who went to a different university.  He said that he was experiencing horrible lag issues just like I am now.  Supposedly, his IT service completely blocked the ports that programs like Limewire, Kazaa and other P2P programs use and the lag problem was resolved.  I'm pretty sure SIUE has some kind of capping/firewall thing going on with those programs now but I know that the port is not completely blocked since students are still able to download using these programs.

It just bugs the heck out of me to see these stupid kids queuing up 50+ songs and just leave it there while it downloads at 1 kb/sec.  Such a waste of the network.

EDIT:  As of 3:01 PM, the speedtest taken for my connection in Prairie Hall is:

Download Speed: 67 kbps (8.4 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 70 kbps (8.8 KB/sec transfer rate)

HOT!  :-o
Shaun Martin
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Justin Camerer

at my house i cant get anything but dialup and i get a transfer rate of about 1.6KB/sec.

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Justin Camerer
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in a few weeks i'll get more statistics about our internet connection and its usage.
ill share them when i get them.

someone earlier on here said that a lot of new clients were added to the network and thats why the internet runs so poorly this semester. that is untrue.

currently CV needs to have fiber ran out to it. prairie and woodland have 10mbit lines coming in, while bluff has 100mbit.  the physical network just needs a massive overhaul.

also the campus has a 48mb line coming in. 100% of that line is available for use now.  thats how much our bandwidth usage has increased in the past few years because until recently they didnt need all 100%.

so blocking limewire etc would make a difference.. but i really dont think it would be that big of a deal.

and you do have SIUE's dialup network accessable for free.. yes it is dialup but atleast its a dedicated 56kbps to you. out of an approx 300 modems at a peak 200 get used. so you can pretty much get modem access whenever you need it.



How is the wireless LAN setup in siue ? After the router do they use a hub or switch ? bandwidth ?
I am naive in this area and would appreciate any comments.


As far as I know:  Telecomm does not use any hubs.  And the bandwith is all 802.11g so 54mbs.  But of course the actual internet bandwidth will vary based on traffic, both local and remote.  

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