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website development

Started by Guest, 2002-08-22T12:45:44-05:00 (Thursday)

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Hi everyone,
I was trying to develop a website but I am new at this and needed some help with some simple things. Would anyone be willing to show me the directions to go if of course you have any free time. thanks
Akbar :-)

Michael Kennedy

I ####ume you're mostly wanting to learn HTML as opposed to just how to design good websites.  Most everyone is against using WYSIWYG editors alone to design websites, so I'm going to address HTML learning...

I'm sure that if you post any questions up here you'll get a ton of answers- especially when this site's traffic increases.  My advice it to go to google.com and search for something like "HTML website tutorial" or something along those lines and see what online help you can pull up.  Also, simply going on Gnutella, Kazaa Lite, etc and searching for "html" or "website design" will pull up loads of consumer books in .pdf format.  Another suggestion is to even get a WYSIWYG editor and design up a page, then view it's source and just see how it did it.  Make sure you use a fairly new and pretty good app, though- Frontpage 97 and Word used to do horrible jobs at keeping the code readable.

Just get Homesite (one of my favorites) or Notepad and start hacking away.  I'll be happy to answer any questions you have on the subject.

Edit:  Heh, heh...  Your filter tagged the word "a s s u m e" as being partially naughty.  :)  Kinda funny...
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William Grim

Check out http://www.htmlhelp.com/; it has help on both HTML and CSS.
William Grim
IT Associate, Morgan Stanley


QuoteEdit: Heh, heh... Your filter tagged the word "a s s u m e" as being partially naughty. :) Kinda funny...

We are all big boys and girls now, so I'm going to take A S S out of the filter. Well I think we are all big boys and girls.

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