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Cygwin X

Started by , 2006-02-28T11:10:22-06:00 (Tuesday)

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Peter Motyka

Cygwin X is a X Window server that runs on Microsoft Windows.  This allows for the redirection of X Window output from a remote unix host to a Microsoft Windows system.

I used Cygwin X during my senior project to beam the ouput of the Linux-based Aria/Saphira robotics software to a Microsoft Windows computer.

It is quite a handy tool and its usefulness is probably best understood by seeing it in action.  Andrew, are you still using Cygwin X as a means to access the Activmedia bots?
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R. Andrew Lamonica

We are not using cygwin-X for the robots any more, but it is available in the labs.  If you run â€Ã...“Xâ€Ã, in the â€Ã...“Start->Runâ€Ã,¦Ã¢â‚¬Ã, menu then X windows will run in the background.  Then all you have to do is SSH to a Linux system (like home.cs.siue.edu) with the â€Ã...“Sonnection->SSH->Tunnels->Enable X11 Forwardingâ€Ã, box checked and any X-windows applications that you run will popup on the local machine.

Several of the students who have to program in Linux for classes use this feature in order to run â€Ã...“dddâ€Ã, (the debugger) with a point and click interface.