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Voting the block?

Started by Gary Mayer, 2002-09-23T14:50:02-05:00 (Monday)

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Gary Mayer

So, how do we handle voting for the block of 5 different logos? :roll:

 :idea: Maybe it takes all the votes and divides by 5 evenly to distribute points to each within.   :-D
-- Malekith

The higher, the fewer, Doctor. The higher it goes, the fewer.


When I was voting, I wondered the same thing. I just looked at all five, picked the one I liked the most, and rated the group of five on that one. I should put a comment in there on which one I rated. Hmmm. Well, that worked, so do what you want. Maybe the admin could edit them and post them back as five individule ones, or disqualify it. Just a thought. Please don't troll me on that.

Retired webmaster of CAOS.


Ya, I didn't think that it would get posted to vote on as a solid block, I could re-submit each one, or an admin could chop it into 5 really easily...