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How do I get to my Z-Drive from off-campus?

Started by EvilAndrew, 2006-02-27T10:26:06-06:00 (Monday)

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R. Andrew Lamonica

Wow, another frequently asked question from the handsome and talented EvilAndrew. :lol:  Let’s see what I can do to answer it.

As you may have noticed, the Z-Drive is a personal storage location that follows you around on campus wherever you login and provides you with space for about 125MB of files.  However, you have probably also noticed that the Z-Drive does not appear on your home or dorm computers.  In fact, you cannot access any campus-hosted Windows Network Stares from these locations because of the firewall.  Never fear, however, we have two workarounds for accessing your files.

Answer 1 (Z-Drive only):
The best way to move many files back and forth from your Z-Drive is to use SCP (which is different from FTP).  This protocol allows you to make a secure connection to one of the Linux servers (home.cs.siue.edu) that mounts your Z-Drive so that you can copy files in bulk from it.  SCP can let you to move a lot of files from your Z-Drive (known as you home-folder in Linux) securely and quickly.  If you are a Windows user, you can learn how and where to SCP from this website (http://engineer.siue.edu/winscpinstructions.html).  The software application WinSCP is also available from http://engineer.siue.edu as well as the official WinSCP site.

Answer 2 (Z-Drive and other CS network shares):
If you are interested in accessing network shares aside from just the Z-Drive or if you only need a few files from your Z-Drive you should use the shares website.  This site is an experimental web-based application that gives you access to computer science network shares.  It seems to be working fine, but we appreciate any comments or error-reports that you provide.


I love that Andrew responds to his own posts and has a rank of responding to his own post.
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that EvilAndrew is such a newb. he asks so many questions but that lamonica knows what hes talking a/b......wait a minute....
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iamjwc?  Did you intend to post something?  :-D

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