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VB.NET Programmer Job Openings

Started by Sheila Shahpari, 2006-02-26T19:25:32-06:00 (Sunday)

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Sheila Shahpari

So yes, I know you probably think the only time I come on here now is to pitch job openings at REJIS...but that's just not true...

Ok, maybe it is a little (minus the Qwutes).  But regardless, I really miss you guys!

Anyway, the company I work for is looking for two VB.NET programmers and are considering Entry Levels thru Senior Programmers.  The company's great, I love working there.  And the plus is, you'd be on the same team as me!!!  :-o

There's great benefits, good pay, and LOTS of room for advancement, which can happen pretty quickly too if you work hard enough!  You're boss would be great - I know that's an important consideration, and they're located in the heart of the Central West End, so there's TONS of awesome restaurants you can visit on your lunch break (which can be whenever you want for nearly as long as you want - within reason, of course).

I'd give you a formal job description, but I figure it'd probably be better to hear what I do and if you're interested, I can forward you the formal info.

Basically, you'd be doing a little bit of everything as far as software lifecycle is concerned: requirements analysis, interface design, usability testing, programming, testing, maintenance...the whole shabang.  It's a relatively small company (about 200 people) and our team currently has 8 people on it (soon to be 10, hopefully).

We develop web based applications in ASP.NET using VB.NET and windows apps in VB.NET.  Reports are usually made with Crystal Reports, we generally use MS SQL Server for DB stuff, although we have some Access and Oracle servers too.

We also host quite a few websites - I'm currently in charge of maintenance, but I'm sure they'll be looking for more help with that too.  So knowledge of Javascript, stylesheets, Coldfusion, and basic HTML would probably be a plus.  

Oh, and if you're into Photoshop/Graphic Design, they'll love you!

Minus the VB.NET and SQL, I personally didn't have much experience in a lot of the job description, so if you show you're willing to learn the stuff farily quickly they'll most likely consider you.

Drop me an email or AIM message if you're interested:

And feel free to spread the word about the opening in any way/shape/form. (Keep it tasteful, though!) ;-)


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Sheila Shahpari

Good call...I'm editing out my email - can you do the same??

Justin Camerer

Hey, I'm interested in the job.

I usually program in C#, but I know VB, and it wouldnt be hard to switch over to it. I am very familiar with .NET 1.1 and 2.0.

I also do a lot of web development and design, so I am sure i would qualify for this. I do most web development with ASP.NET, but now I am making the switch to Ruby On Rails, which seems like it will work better for a lot of things that I do. I know stlyesheets and (x)html very well, and can do whatever I need in javascript. I also started off my web development career in Coldfusion, so going back to this wouldnt be a problem.

Also, I know photoshop like the back of my hand, and was going into graphic design before I discovered programming. I still use photoshop on a daily basis, and use it for all of my site designs, and other graphic works.

You can visit my site at sprung! to see some of my knowledge in action. (I am working on 4 clients websites right now, and will have them up and linked to mine as soon as they get me their content.)

AIM me sometime if you are interested at iamjwc.

Justin Camerer
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I applied to this on Monster!  Thanks for the extra info on the position