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Saint Louis VB User Group Meeting

Started by Jerry, 2006-03-08T22:05:39-06:00 (Wednesday)

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March 15th Meeting

"Introduction to Vaultâââ,¬Å¾Ã,¢ Source Code Control (SCC) within Visual Basic 6/VB.Net 2005"

by Jeff Clausius

Time: Wednesday, 6 - 8:30 PM  

* Food & Prizes *

This month's presentation will cover the basics of why to use SCC ("...For developers who are ready! to migrate away from SourceSafe..."), Vault's requirements, setup,licensing, and general usage of the tool. Vaultâââ,¬Å¾Ã,¢ is a source control tool that is designed to be a compelling replacement for Visual SourceSafe (VSS).

About the speaker...
Jeff Clausius (jeffc@sourcegear.com) has been a professional Software Developer for 14+ years and has been the Lead Developer of SourceGear's Vault Server for more than 4 years. Before joining the Independent Software Vendor (ISV) industry, Jeff wrote software for a variety of vertical markets including Dental, Professional Golf Club Manufacturing, Offset Printing, Food Vending and Veterinary.

Somebody said that Vault is FREE for a single user.  Is this true?
Yes. Both Vaultâââ,¬Å¾Ã,¢ and Dragnetâââ,¬Å¾Ã,¢ are free for use by a single user.  Simply download and install the product and do not enter any serial numbers at all. When no serial numbers! are present, Vaultâââ,¬Å¾Ã,¢ and Dragnetâââ,¬Å¾Ã,¢ behave as if there is exactly one user license.  http://www.sourcegear.com/faq.html
Prizes Scheduled to Appear:  
Two sets of software from Jeff - SourceGear's Vault with 5 licenses or cals. Bring hardware to get a free copy of Vault and Dragnet!

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