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Outsourcing of Computer Jobs a Misconception

Started by Jerry, 2006-03-10T20:38:26-06:00 (Friday)

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Here's an interesting article on outsourcing:

Outsourcing of Computer Jobs a Misconception
Daily Kent Stater (03/08/06) Whinnery, Megan

While the perception that computing jobs are migrating overseas dampens interest in math and science among college students, a recent ACM study has found that the widespread outsourcing of tech jobs is largely a myth. The fear that jobs are disappearing could sap the domestic labor supply, warns Robert Walker, associate professor of computer science at Kent State University. ACM's task force of computer scientists, economists, and social scientists found that between 2 percent and 3 percent of computer-related jobs are being lost to foreign countries, while new, higher-level domestic jobs are being created in their place. "The offshoring of jobs in the computer industry isn't a big problem," said C.C. Lu, computer science professor at Kent State. "No matter how offshore it's going, we still need a lot of software engineers here." The ACM study also found that Canada is the most popular destination for outsourced positions, followed by Ireland. India ranks third, though much of the work there is in low-level call center jobs. Call center work is considered a career in India, and Walker contends that the country lacks the infrastructure to establish the research required for advanced computer jobs. "I hope the guidance counselors and teachers don't give students wrong information," Walker said. "Things aren't bad now, there are plenty of good-paying jobs." Walker cautions, however, that fears of outsourcing could become a self-fulfilling prophecy if they discourage students from studying math and science, forcing U.S. companies to look overseas for skilled workers. The NSF has found that computer science graduates earn the highest median income among all science graduates. To view "Globalization and Offshoring of Software--A Report of the ACM Job Migration Task Force," visit http://www.acm.org/globalizationreport

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This is very reassuring news.  I do remember doing a report over the summer on IT outsourcing and found similar results.  Basically all of the lower level IT positions were being outsourced, primariy helpdesk support.

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Kaitlyn Schmidt

I might be able to find a job yet!  Though I do suppose that this is still a concern for those without degrees in the IT field or those in IT without CS specific degrees...
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