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New to the CAOS forums, where would I post this program here?

Started by pieomon, 2006-03-18T12:14:06-06:00 (Saturday)

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My name is Christopher Cobb, part of the Quoridor Senior Project team, and we are interested in posting a verson of our Quoridor program (has "hotseat" play, meaning 2-4 human players on the same computer) so that CAOS people can play it and submit feedback.  However, I currently have no idea about what forum I should post this in.  Which fourm should I post this at?

(Yes, it says I registered 1/12/06, but I never have posted here)


post it wherever you want, no one will bite your head off for posting something in the wrong place.
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Justin Camerer

i actually might bite your head off.....

anything is possible.

how ya doing cross? its been a while.
Justin Camerer
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Senior project teams get free web space on the CS website.

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Feel free to post your software there and link to it in the Lounge, Academics, or Suggested Downloads forums.