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Free Copy of Windows Server 2008, XNA Studios, and many others

Started by player433, 2008-10-15T13:59:21-05:00 (Wednesday)

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Hi,  I know all computer science folks have access to the MSDN site and can get a bunch of free software but there is also another site called Microsoft DreamSpark and the address is https://downloads.channel8.msdn.com/Products.aspx.  Anyways through this website is almost the same as the MSDN site and gives away free copies of Windows Server 2008 and many others but since this school isn't part of their networks you'll have to Verify that your a student by creating an account with http://www.journeyed.com/itemDetail.asp?itmNo=11111726&sSrcCode=MSTOOLS and this site will handle the verification process and then you can download whatever you want from DreamSpark.  I got myself a free copy of Windows Server 2008 this way and I know plenty of other students have used this site also.